DAVID BLACKMON: Legacy Media Outlets Pounce on DeSantis For Protecting American Energy

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the series The energy bill was signed into law on Wednesday, causing an uproar from climate change activists and traditional media.

Taken together, the new laws give less attention to climate change and prioritize energy affordability and reliability. This goal has been the main focus of power companies and grid operators for decades, but now it’s the focus of The Washington Post. explain without sarcasm as a “conservative talking point” in an article on the issue.

“The bill I signed today… [will] Keep the windmills off the coast, keep the gas out of the tank, and keep China out of the state,” the governor said. According to Florida Voice News . “We are bringing sanity in our approach to energy and rejecting the plans of radical green fanatics. And we will ensure that foreign adversaries like China do not have a foothold in our country.” (Related: Biden administration hands out millions of dollars in solar subsidies)

In addition to removing references to “climate” or “climate change” from Florida law in at least nine places, the new law prohibits the construction of large-scale offshore wind farms in Florida waters, Gas is moving towards encouraging the expansion of both. Regulate nuclear power generation capacity, protect against bans on gas stoves and other gas appliances, and prohibit state agencies from contracting with foreign companies for products manufactured using forced labor. The latter provision covers some products made in China that are specific to both solar and wind energy.

In addition to characterizing hitherto uncontroversial goals like energy affordability and reliability as mere talking points, Washington Post reporters also noted that DeSantis has “compared climate change to abortion and transgender rights.” “They are using this as a culture war issue to draw public attention to themselves and damage the world.” Right notes with right-wing voters. ” Nowhere in the article does the Post point out the fact that these bills were not written by DeSantis. They were written by Republicans in the Florida Legislature, who, with the motto “Democracy Dies in the Dark,” are the Democratic Party the Post is masquerading as a custodian. Through the process, it has won large majorities from voters in both houses of the state Legislature.

The Post article also fails to mention that DeSantis himself was overwhelmingly re-elected to a second term in 2022, based on voter approval of his first-term agenda. By authoring and signing these bills, Republicans and DeSantis were undoubtedly following the will of the people, and Americans once agreed that the will of the people is the very purpose of representative democracy. But the unmistakable slant on this article and many others makes one wonder what kind of “democracy” the Post believes it is keeping from darkness. right. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with the form of republican democracy in which Americans live.

in its own story NPR recently criticized Florida’s new law as a place with a strong liberal base and “an open-minded spirit no longer exists,” with former senior editor Uli Berliner writing the following: Posted.

“Critics say the bill passed by the former Republican presidential candidate ignores the reality of climate change threats to Florida, including rising sea levels, extreme heat, flooding, and predictions of more intense storms. Perhaps Mr. Berliner has a point.

It’s no wonder Floridians, like voters in other states across the country, support this type of legislation. Under President Biden, electricity prices are soaring as an avalanche of new federal regulatory actions inevitably passes the cost on to consumers. These rising rates, combined with the increasing instability of the nation’s regional power grids due to the need for intermittent and weather-dependent wind and solar power supplies, are causing the average People are increasingly worried that their lives will be disrupted by power outages, and that the situation may get worse.

Those concerns are reflected in President Joe Biden’s slumping approval ratings and numerous polls showing voters prefer former President Donald Trump to Biden on energy policy.

No matter how often or how strongly the Washington Post, NPR, and other traditional media platforms recoil in horror at this prospect, most Americans do not believe in energy affordability and reliability. He is a staunch supporter of the civil service he prioritizes. Candidates for elected office ignore this reality at their peril.

David Blackmon is a Texas-based energy writer and consultant. He spent his 40 years in the oil and gas business, specializing in public policy and communications.

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