Georgia’s GOP-led Senate passes funding ban on American Library Association

Georgia’s Senate passed a bill Thursday that would prohibit libraries from spending public or private funds on services provided by the American Library Association. Republican members of Congress call the association a “Marxist and socialist” organization. The bill, Senate Bill 390, passed by a vote of 33-20. Democrats objected, saying ALA provides a valuable service […]

Wisconsin advances bill mandating Asian American history studies in schools 

A bill that would require Asian American history to be taught in Wyoming schools inched closer to becoming a reality this week after a state Senate committee voted to advance the bill. Tuesday state senate committee I voted Win 6-1 and advance Act, SB240; This would require education on Asian Americans and Hmong Americans from […]

An iconic American firearm honors the US Border Patrol

In 1860, Benjamin Tyler Henry patented the Henry Repeating Lever Action Rifle. A breakthrough in firepower, the Henry gun’s use by some Union soldiers in the Civil War made an impression on Confederate officer John Mosby, who said it could be “loaded on Sunday and fired all week.” That damn Yankee rifle that can.” In […]

Jesse Watters: The left is protecting migrant reputation over American lives

FOX News host Jesse Watters responded to the outrage over immigration crimes after the murder of Laken Riley.jesse watters prime time. ” Jesse Waters: there is Immigrant crimes continue to kill Americans, and the president is an accessory to murder. Just this week, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador was arrested on suspicion of murdering […]

Great American Family to Launch Mystery Film Franchise with Candace Cameron Bure

The Great American Family announced Tuesday that it is launching its own mystery film series starring Candace Cameron Bure in the series’ first title. The Great American Mysteries series is now part of the Great American Family lineup. The Ainsley McGregor Mystery: The Winemaker Affairstarring Bure and Aaron Ashmore (Ginny & Georgia). Bure is known […]

Biden to issue executive order safeguarding American personal data from US adversaries

President Biden is scheduled to issue an executive order on Wednesday that will block large-scale transfers of Americans’ personal data to America’s adversaries Russia, China and Iran. The executive order directs the Department of Justice (DOJ) to establish protections for genomic data, biometric data, personal health data, geolocation data, financial data, and sensitive government data. […]


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