David Copperfield Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 16 Women, Denies Allegations

Magician David Copperfield (real name David Seth Kotkin) has been accused of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behavior by 16 women, more than half of whom were under the age of 18 at the time of the incidents. There is.

The charges include allegations that Copperfield engaged in sexual acts with three women who were unable to consent because the magician had administered drugs beforehand. report by guardian.

The allegations against Copperfield reportedly lasted from the late 1980s until 2014.

Notably, this is not the first time Mr. Copperfield has been accused of misconduct. Britney Lewis, one of the 16 women, first went public with her allegations against the famous illusionist in 2018, saying he drugged her in 1988 when she was 17. He claimed that he sexually assaulted her.

Another alleged victim said: guardian She and her friend had similar experiences with Copperfield, claiming that Copperfield drugged both women before having sex with them, so neither of them could consent to the fornication. ing.

Other allegations include allegations of groping, including groping of the breasts, with one woman claiming she was 15 years old at the time of the incident.

The family of the 15-year-old alleged victim said they were sitting in the audience during Copperfield’s live performance and claimed they personally witnessed the magician groping her breasts.

Copperfield “denies any wrongdoing” and has “never acted inappropriately with anyone, let alone a minor,” his lawyers told the magazine, adding that drugs “were not his fault.” It’s not part of the world,” he added.

“Anyone who knows David Copperfield will tell you that the recent claims made by a newspaper are the exact opposite of David,” a representative for Copperfield said. Said Fox News.

“In fact, David has a history of risking his career to protect women from powerful predators,” the representative added. “Most of these historical accusations have been made before, and they are all as false now as they were then.”

The magician’s representative went on to say that Copperfield “has requested the ‘evidence’ on which these false allegations are relied upon, which has not been provided,” adding that the #MeToo movement “has not been successful. However, he added that these “false accusations must be stopped forever.” It’s about thriving. ”

“David will review his position with his legal team and take any action he deems appropriate in response to these false and unwarranted allegations,” the representative concluded.

Separately, Copperfield’s name appeared in unsealed January 2019 court documents regarding the late disgraced investor and convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. .

Notably, however, the mention of Copperfield’s name in court documents does not mean he committed a crime.

According to the affidavit, Copperfield asked a woman, later identified as one of Epstein’s victims, “if she knew the girls were being paid to find other girls” for investors.

Copperfield’s lawyer said: guardian The illusionist claimed he had heard “rumors” that female students were being paid in Epstein’s recruitment efforts, but had “no knowledge or belief that anything improper was going on.” .

The magician believes there is “no reason to contact law enforcement or raise this issue with anyone else,” and the woman he spoke to did not express any concerns, the attorney said. added.

“Our client had no knowledge of Epstein’s horrific crimes,” the lawyers said. “Like the rest of the world, he learned about it from the press.”

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