Did Fani Willis admit too much in her misconduct testimony?

District Attorney Fani Willis testified Thursday in her own defense at a tort hearing, but she doesn’t think it was the best decision. Willis took the stand to resist an attempt to disqualify him from presiding over Georgia’s election interference case against former President Donald Trump. “I have never enjoyed a courtroom as much as […]

Fani Willis Campaigned in 2020 on Not Engaging in Sexual Misconduct

Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis campaigned in 2020 that she would not engage in the kind of sexual misconduct her predecessor was accused of. The irony of Willis’s campaign promise, along with the financial implications, became clear as allegations of her own infidelity surfaced. When asked about his qualifications to be elected Fulton County Prosecuting […]

New York judge refuses to dismiss Trump’s hush money case; Fani Willis faces misconduct hearing in Georgia – live | US politics

New York judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit against Trump Victoria Bekiempis judge Juan Marchan Once the case began, he quickly got down to business, notifying the court that Trump’s case would move forward next month. “Defendants’ motion to dismiss is denied,” Marchand said, indicating that a written decision is now available. “The case is scheduled […]

Judge overseeing Fani Willis’ misconduct hearing says her disqualification is ‘possible’

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis may soon regret the day she appointed her married lover as lead prosecutor in former President Donald Trump’s Georgia election interference case. Fulton County Superior Court will take up allegations of fraud this week, including claims that Willis benefited financially from the employment of her ostensibly underqualified boyfriend, Nathan […]

Fani Willis whistleblowers rushing to testify in probe over misconduct claims

Georgia lawmakers are rushing testimony against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, saying lawmakers are opening an investigation into allegations of misconduct against the embattled prosecutor. Sen. Bill Cowsert, R-Georgia, began a meeting of the state Senate Special Committee on Investigations on Friday, announcing that multiple employees of the state attorney’s office prosecuting former President […]

CIA whistleblower who incited flood of sexual misconduct accusations is let go

The CIA fired a woman this week after a whistleblower alleged that she was assaulted on the steps of the spy agency’s headquarters, and a number of colleagues came forward with sexual misconduct claims. The woman’s lawyer called the action brazen retaliation. The CIA said the accusations were “factually incorrect” but did not comment further […]

Music Or Misconduct? Silent Disco In UK Cathedral Sparks Protests

Christians are protesting after a silent disco at Canterbury Cathedral has sold out. Christians have protested a planned silent disco at Canterbury Cathedral, calling it an “absurd” and “alcohol-fueled rave” that disrespects a sacred space. The two-night event, featuring 90s music from artists such as Vengaboys and Eminem, is said to be aimed at attracting […]

Trump valet Walt Nauta was accused of sexual misconduct before hiring: report 

President Donald Trump’s personal aide Walt Nauta was accused of sexual misconduct by three female military members weeks before he took a job at Mar-a-Lago as the former president’s “body man,” according to reports. It had been. The allegations date back to Nauta’s time as a member of the White House staff, and include accusations […]


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