Disgraced Harvard Ex-President Claudine Gay to Stay on as Prof with Nearly $1M Salary Despite Plagiarism Accusations

Disgraced Harvard University President Claudine Gay, who resigned on Tuesday following an anti-Semitism scandal, damning Congressional testimony and numerous plagiarism allegations, will remain at the Ivy League school as a professor with a salary of at least $900,000. He will remain in the faculty.

The outgoing Harvard president, previously a political science professor and later dean, will remain at the university and be given a faculty position.

According to multiple reports, Gay continues to earn nearly $900,000 a year at the Ivy League institution, even though he was forced to resign as president after numerous plagiarism allegations were raised in an official academic complaint at Harvard University. There is a high possibility that you will earn .

Claudine Gay (Boston Globe/Getty)

Harvard University President Claudine Gay testifies to Congress

Harvard University President Claudine Gay testifies before Congress (Kevin Dietsch/Getty)

It's still unclear what position she will take, but money likely won't be an issue, as Gaye is expected to receive a salary equal to or higher than what she was previously receiving.

Gay earned $879,079 as dean of arts and sciences in 2021 and $824,068 in 2020, according to records released by the university.

According to one source, Gaye's predecessor, Lawrence Bacow, was making $1.3 million a year before retiring. report by harvard crimson. It remains unclear how much of his approximately $1 million salary Gay will be entitled to after serving as president for just six months.

Meanwhile, President and Chief Academic Officer Alan M. Garber has been named interim provost as the school considers who will be Harvard's next leader.

As Breitbart News reported, in addition to failing to adequately respond to a major anti-Semitism scandal at the school, Mr. Gay gave damning Congressional testimony on anti-Semitism, and at Harvard University. He resigned as president of Harvard University on Tuesday after numerous allegations of plagiarism were discovered. The past few months. Gay and his university blamed racism and threats from conservatives as factors in his decision to resign, and the Associated Press declared that plagiarism had now become a “weapon of conservatives.”

Mr. Gay's six-month tenure as president of the Ivy League university is the shortest presidential term in Harvard University's history.

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