Disney’s ABC to Face Lawsuit from ‘General Hospital’ Crewmembers Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine

In favor of Disney, a judge ruled that ABC would have to go to court over the lawsuit brought by the two. general Hospital Crew member fired for refusing to comply with studio’s coronavirus vaccination mandate.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge issued the order on Tuesday, an important move that could affect many Americans who have stood up to strict employer or government orders and have lost their jobs or been denied services as a result. suggested a legal confrontation.

Plaintiffs James and Timothy Wall argued that ABC should have given them a religious exemption from vaccinations based on their Christian beliefs and should have allowed them to continue administering the vaccine. general Hospital.

A lawyer for the Walls referred to the court’s decision.

“As many of us try to survive the pandemic, this judgment reminds us of the thousands of people who lost their careers because they stood up for their rights and stood up to their employers’ efforts to violate their conscience. “It should be something that will allow people to do that,” attorney Scott Street said. deadline.

“The pandemic will not end until all companies that violate employee rights are held accountable. We look forward to presenting this case to a jury soon.”

The Walt Disney Company, like some major studios, has implemented vaccination mandates recommended by various Hollywood guilds and labor unions. Disney’s mandate was particularly strict, requiring full vaccination of all salaried and non-union hourly workers on-site in the United States.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, there were no industry-wide vaccine standards, and requirements for multitasking staff and actors led to confusion.

Adding to the confusion, many TV and film sets have set up different “zones” with different vaccination requirements, with those closest to actors being the strictest.

In another case, previously general Hospital Actor Ingo Rademacher lost a lawsuit against ABC after he was fired from the show last year.

The actor, who played Jasper “Jax” Jax on the daytime soap opera for more than 20 years, told ABC he requested an exemption from religious obligations and claimed he was fired for failing to comply.

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