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Don Lemon Pushes Back At Taylor Lorenz Saying ‘Marginalized’ Americans ‘Don’t Have Freedoms’

Fired CNN host Don Lemon pushed back at Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz for saying that “marginalized” Americans “don’t have freedom” Saturday on “The Don Lemon Show.”

Lemon told Lorenz that Texans and Floridians would not “throw [him] off of a roof” because he is gay when the Washington Post reporter struggled to explain why “marginalized groups” in the U.S. are protesting for Palestine, where LGBT rights are considered a violation of social and religious standards.

“How do you reconcile the way, uh, marginalized groups, many people in these marginalized groups, obviously, they are fighting for, um, Palestine, for the Palestinians, what’s happening in Gaza. But yet in Gaza, they would not have any freedom,” Lemon said.

“They don’t have freedoms in Texas and Florida!” Lorenz responded with a laugh. “Does that mean —”

“I understand that, but Taylor,” Lemon said as Lorenz continued to talk. “Taylor, I’m a member of the LGBTQ community. If I go to Texas, they’re not gonna throw me off of a roof. They’re not going to, you know —”

“We shouldn’t advocate for the oppressed people?” Lorenz asked.

“No no no, I’m not saying that,” Lemon replied. “I’m just, I’m just asking you, there is a disconnect because their women and minorities are treated … okay, go on.”

“We should advocate for the rights of people all over the world to live happy and healthy lives whether or not they have an impressive government or not. You know, I don’t, I, I can’t even remember if gay marriage is legal in Israel, is it?” Lorenz asked.

“Yeah,” Lemon said.

“It is? Oh, okay,” Lorenz said. “Um, yeah, I mean, I know, I think that it’s —”

“I believe it is. I think it is,” Lemon said.

Although gay marriage is not legalized in the country, Israel officially recognizes same-sex unions established in other countries, according to CBS News. Tel Aviv, the capital city of Israel, is known for its annual gay pride parade attracting tourists from around the world, according to Reform Judaism. (RELATED: ‘I’m A First Amendment Zealot’: College President Tells CNN How He Stopped Anti-Israel Protests At Graduation)

Lemon pressed Lorenz further, asking the Washington Post reporter why she believes anti-Israel activists are supporting Palestinians who would prevent them from “even [being] able to have these protests there.” The former CNN host pointed out that women “walk around with their faces covered” and that “gay people would not even be allowed.”

Lorenz claimed women “don’t have to walk around with [their] faces covered in Palestine.” She said that the U.S. should “help” the “oppressed” groups in the Gaza Strip by sending foreign aid and “help” women in Texas by supporting the elimination of state restrictions on abortion.

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