Early Apple Vision Pro Adopters Are Returning Headsets for Discomfort, Lack of ‘Killer Apps’

Two weeks after its release, a significant number of early adopters of Apple Vision Pro have returned the headset, citing discomfort, headaches, and lack of compelling use cases. Some of the benefit may come from Apple’s refusal to enable VR porn on his $3,500 headset.

The Verge report Apple Vision Pro hit stores just 14 days ago, but some original buyers are already boxing up the $3,500 headset and returning it. According to user reports on social media, discomfort when wearing headsets is one of the main reasons for returns. Sources describe issues such as headaches, eye strain, and the overall weight of the device. One Verge employee told the magazine that Vision Pro caused a blood vessel in his eye to burst.

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This isn’t a big surprise. Wearable comfort varies widely between users based on their personal anatomy. Factors such as head size and the shape of the bridge of your nose will affect the fit and feel of your headset. Even experienced VR users have reported dry eyes and discomfort when using the device, and with his $3,500 starting price, Apple is targeting wealthy people rather than pure technology enthusiasts with extensive headset experience. Targeted at consumers.

In addition to comfort, early adopters also cite a lack of compelling use cases as a reason for returns. Although technically impressive, Vision Pro currently lacks a killer app to drive adoption. Productivity gains remain limited. Multitasking is unwieldy and many file types are not supported. Engineers report getting headaches while coding, but when it comes to entertainment, we still can’t get enough high-quality games and media.

Another issue users have with Apple is the fact that VR porn doesn’t work on the company’s expensive headsets. As Breitbart News reported:

On online forums like Reddit and Discord, Vision Pro buyers are reporting that they are unable to watch stereoscopic 180-degree VR porn videos in full immersion. This headset technically supports his web standard called WebXR, which will allow you to play VR porn hosted on sites like Pornhub. But in reality, WebXR porn clips appear cropped, blurry, or flat in Vision Pro rather than enveloping the viewer in 3D.

“It’s very bad news for people who want to use it.” [the Vision Pro] Because of the porn,” one disgruntled Reddit user wrote. Some have resorted to clever solutions, such as converting clips to Apple’s USDZ 3D model format or toggling obscure Safari settings, with mixed results.

The discussion thread was filled with excited speculation about the future of VR porn on the device. “Last night of suffering from not being able to see the space between the pixels…Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new frontier in masturbation technology,” one Redditor gushed before the release.

Many people who have returned Vision Pro say they are still looking forward to future versions. While this first generation of devices may simply not meet the comfort level and software maturity required for some adopters, feedback highlights the challenges of launching an entirely new product category. Masu.

It remains to be seen how much of an impact the early returns will have on Apple’s Vision Pro strategy going forward, but the company is used to iterating on 1.0 hardware and software until it reaches an inflection point for consumers.

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Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News, covering free speech and online censorship issues.