Elite Universities Breed the New Hitler Youth

What we are seeing across America’s “elite” academic institutions is something the West has not seen since Germany in the 1930s: open, naked, toxic, violent attacks on Jews. It is a swirling and uncompromising hatred. What’s worse, we’re seeing that hatred embraced by the mainstream.

Through forced youth camps, Adolf Hitler did in the 1930s what elite universities do today: produce Jew-hating totalitarians.

Jews were excluded from Hitler Youth camps. As we see everywhere today, shameful universities such as MIT, Columbia, New York University, and Harvard may not openly reject Jews on campus. Still, the student body, many faculty members, anti-Semitic curricula, and an administration that tolerates virulent anti-Semitic hate demonstrations all send a clear message. Jews are not welcome.

Click here to learn how to use Wikipedia accurately He explains the doctrine of the Hitler Youth as follows:

Members of the Hitler Youth…were indoctrinated with Nazi ideology, including racism. Boys were indoctrinated with myths of Aryan racial superiority and were indoctrinated to view Jews and Slavs as subhuman. Members were taught to link state-sanctioned enemies such as Jews to Germany’s previous defeat in World War I and social decline. The Hitler Youth was used to disband church youth groups, spy on religion classes and Bible studies, and disrupt church attendance. The Hitler Youth’s education and training programs were designed to undermine the values ​​of the traditional structure of German society. Their training was also aimed at eliminating social and intellectual distinctions between classes, to be replaced and dominated by the political goals of Hitler’s totalitarian dictatorship. Sacrifice for the Nazi cause was instilled in their training. … The Hitler Youth appropriated many of the activities of the Boy Scout movement (banned in 1935).

A member of the Hitler Youth (HJ) during the Nazi regime. From 1939, membership in the Hitler Youth was compulsory for all young people from the age of 10 until the age of 18. |(DPA/Photo Alliance, via Getty Images)

Disband the Boy Scouts. Sound familiar? Use these little thugs to disrupt traditional religious teachings. Sound familiar? They see Jews as the enemy and the cause of world problems. Sound familiar? Best of all, if you replace “Hitler” and “Nazi” in that description with “an all-powerful totalitarian federal government”… you’re good to go.

And remember, it’s just to start with the Jews. These fascist bullies have made no secret of their desire to ethnically cleanse America and the rest of the world under the euphemism of “decolonization.”

The Nazis politicized everything. The Democratic Party and the organized left in corporate media, entertainment, education, and academia have politicized everything. And this is what you get.

Hatred has always been part of the human experience. Anti-Semitism will always exist. It’s nothing new. What is new, especially in America, is that this hatred has become mainstream and normalized. Elite universities teach it. Corporate media brazenly lies to fuel it, excuse it, or ignore it. Hollywood accepts it. Current US President Joe Biden asks us to sympathize with and understand the new Hitler Youth. At the same time, he weakened the Jewish state during a defensive war started by Islamic barbarians who invaded Israel by paragliding, killing more than 1,000 innocent Jewish men and women, as well as infants and the elderly. They raped, slaughtered, kidnapped, and desecrated children, including children.

Biden relentlessly attacks Israel and never mentions the kidnap victims still held by Hamas.

I’m not an alarmist, and I’m especially not a racist, so I don’t say the following lightly…These are scary times for Jews, perhaps the scariest in recent history. .

“Many fear it will be like the 1930s… a time when years of ignorance and hatred resurfaced, presaging the murder of six million Jews.” write In Martin Fletcher, era of israel. “Not really. It’s worse.”

“In the mid-1930s, the curse of sleep [of Jew hatred] “I woke up alone in Germany,” he added. “Today, in Australia, South Africa, and all over Europe, Jews fear useful idiots who parade, taunt, and verbally and sometimes physically abuse innocent Jews in the name of protecting Palestinians. .”

“Everywhere today, Jews are asking themselves a generational question: Where will we be safe?” Where will they not hate us? ”

He continues:

Where are the demonstrations against murderers and the idiots who serve them who preach hatred and fear?If they [those who some Jews say “don’t hate us”] Isn’t it time for the silent majority to speak out against murder and rape?

Remember the national upheaval after the Charlottesville tiki torch incident? Replace it with the return of the Third Reich under Trump, then lie about Trump by claiming the Nazis were “very fine people”? The very same people, including academia, the corporate media, the Democratic Party, and the entertainment industry, are now watching the aftermath of Charlottesville. Charlottesville pops up in every left-wing university and left-wing city…. Then try gaslighting something like this: There are some really great people on both sides..

Biden: “I condemn the anti-Semitic protests. So we have a program in place to deal with that. I also condemn those who don’t understand what’s happening to the Palestinians.” To do.”

We have never seen anything like this. The age-old question of how something like the Holocaust was allowed to happen has now been answered.

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