England v Pakistan: first men’s T20 cricket international rained off – live | Cricket

Hello and a soggy welcome to Headingley and the OBO of the first T20I between England and Pakistan. Or not as the case seems to be. Just as I type the officials have seen fit to abandon the match. The puddles on the Yorkshire outfield looking deeper than the ones on Rishi Sunak’s suit shoulders … it’s election on and cricket off. Things can only get wetter.


I’m going to hang around for a bit to see if there’s any flutterings of news out of Headingley, please do drop me a line if you are out there and fancy keeping me company for the next hour or so?

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turn on the tv Watch Ian Ward, Eoin Morgan and Stuart Broad riff as the apocalypse looms behind them.

Stuart Broad reflects on winning the T20 World Cup in Barbados 😍✨

— Sky Sports Cricket (@SkyCricket) May 22, 2024

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oh. Yasu will bring us all back to Earth. Results to come soon…

To be honest, Starmer will be the fifth Prime Minister in Olly Pope’s Test career

— Yas Lana (@Yas_Wisden) May 22, 2024

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tbf, Starmer becomes fifth prime minister of Olly Pope’s Test career

— Yas Lana (@Yas_Wisden) May 22, 2024


Jimmy saw off the 8pm! Eight. Name it…

A breakup conflict was avoided. Jimmy’s career could span his eight different PMs.

— Stephan Shemilt (@stephanshemilt) May 22, 2024

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Zain Malik sent me an email saying, long story short, he wanted a roof over his head. Someone please build a cricket stadium in England with a lid on Zayn. got it? end.

“Isn’t it only classic cricket where a bit of rain still ruins it all? I mean, it’s 2024 and we’re still experiencing things like the 1800s with rain postponements and cancelled matches. You’d think the ECB would have realised by now that fans and teams can’t stand another washout. It’s like waiting for England to win the World Cup – oh wait, that happened in 2019, or did that actually happen? Miracles can happen!

Covering North American cricket, where the sport is played rain or shine, it can feel a bit like being stuck in the past. In England, Laine is practically part of the team, ready to step in and steal the match at any time. We’ve all seen the spectacular sights of Australia’s Docklands, right? Sure, the BBL has its quirks and drawbacks, but at least it gives cricket a chance to fight the weather. Imagine England. A roof over the rose transforms it from a waterlogged mess to a luxurious, climate-controlled paradise.

Picture this: a cricket stadium, the venue for the Dawn of Rolls-Royce. It may be pouring with rain outside, but inside you’ll find plush seating, perfect lighting, and uninterrupted cricket. Who wouldn’t want that?

ECB, if you are listening, now is the time to commit to this program. Please stop losing to the rain! Give us a cricket stadium where only the pitch is drenched in champagne after a glorious game of a beautiful sport. ”


This is a 4 match T20I series The second match is scheduled to be played at Edgbaston on Saturday. I started a few weather websites and they and the weather forecast for the next week has gotten much better.

Of course, both countries are gearing up for the T20I World Cup to be held in the Caribbean and America next month. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see Jofra Archer bowl in international cricket for the first time in 14 months, his first run-out in an England shirt on English soil since the 2019 Ashes Oval Test. .

Here’s the latest information on Ali Martin’s return – Archer was scheduled to start today. Rain of blood!

Match canceled #EngvPak #cricket

— Saj Sadiq (@SajSadiqCricket) May 22, 2024

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Update date and time

The sound of D:Ream is drowned out (!) Election Announcement Outside Number 10… This week’s Spin Newsletter features another forgotten musical group by Ben Bloom.united colors of sound Anyone?

In incredibly low-res images of the band that exist in the far reaches of the internet, there appear to be 10 members; grainy YouTube footage of them performing England’s 2003 Rugby World Cup song with UB40 at Twickenham suggests there are only five. But that quintet doesn’t include Cary Grant, the radio presenter and TV talent show vocal coach who was definitely part of the group at one point. Or was it a she?

The answer to such questions is, in fact, at least for the purposes of this week’s Spin, that on May 8, 2003, at a rooftop bar in London, two of the countless members of United Colors of Sound This is second only to the mystery of how he found his hands resting. Some were carried on the shoulders of John Crawley and Chris Adams, while others brandished low-budget bats in front of county cricket royalty. Add in laughably bad Elvis Presley and Austin Powers “look-alikes” (a misnomer of epic proportions) that fail to stand the test of time five minutes after the photographer first presses the shutter. This is an image. It has now been 21 years since he was first photographed to promote his ECB Twenty20 Cup campaign. ”


This is the atmosphere at Headingley.

First IT20 against Pakistan abandoned ❌

England fans, see you at Edgbaston 👋

— England Cricket (@englandcricket) May 22, 2024

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— Balderdash (@notDcfcBoss) May 22, 2024

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james wallace

Hello. A hesitant welcome to his OBO for Headingley and his first T20I between England and Pakistan. Or maybe not. As I type, officials have deemed it appropriate to cancel the match. The puddle in Yorkshire’s outfield looks deeper than the puddle on the shoulders of Rishi Sunak’s suit… The election has begun and the cricket is over. Things just keep getting wetter.

I’m going to hang around a bit to see if there’s any news coming out of Headingley. If you are out of town and would like to hang out with me for the next hour, could you please contact me?