Eric Adams reverses course on migrant housing in luxury apts

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ policy on housing for undocumented immigrants comes after multiple confrontational meetings with residents of Harlem, New York, who were upset that immigrants were being offered luxury accommodations. was changed by the city government.

Dozens of people attended a community forum at the church to voice their dissatisfaction with the unused luxury apartments on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Avenue. In the harem. The development reportedly remained vacant for nearly a decade until neighbors noticed boxes of bunk beds being loaded into the building.

The building, which has a swimming pool and each unit has a marble bathroom, was reportedly intended to be a temporary shelter for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. .

The debate in the church reportedly became very heated. At least two people were reportedly taken out of the building, one of whom reportedly heckled the mayor over a disagreement. spectrum news report.

“We already have homeless shelters,” said Harlem resident Tyrone Ball. “When you walk out of this building, there’s a huge shelter, and there’s another shelter across the block. We don’t need another shelter.”

Other residents were pleased with what they heard from Mayor Adams.

The next day, another town hall meeting was held to further discuss the issue. At the meeting, signs were posted on the walls that read, “How are youth programs for millions of immigrants?” and “Housing equity for returnees first.”

Local residents continued to criticize the city’s plans to use nearby buildings.

“I don’t agree if this is going to be a sanctuary for asylum seekers. No, there are people here who need that space,” said Executive Director Tiffany Fulton. Silent Voice United Co., Ltd.

Mayor Adams soon arrived and fielded questions from concerned residents, who began to voice their concerns.

“You’re the mayor. I don’t want to hear any excuses,” one resident was seen saying in the news. CBS 2 New York.

After hearing input from a series of speakers, Adams later announced that the city would change course on building construction.

“I told my team to look at what’s going on here. We’re not going to move people into a brand new building when there’s a long-term need for the community. That’s not going to happen. not.”

“There will be no immigrants or asylum seekers on that land,” the mayor added.

The building will reportedly instead be used for families seeking shelter in New York City for extended stays.

The New York City Democratic Party recently announced its intention to remove length-of-stay limits for all shelters in the city, as approximately 66,000 asylum seekers and immigrants are under city supervision.

Since 2022, New York City has reportedly processed more than 177,000 immigrants, with more than 88,000 currently housed in city shelters. Since then, that number has steadily continued to exceed 75,000. Mid 2023.

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