Eric Holder gives away Democrats’ fear over Trump’s re-election: He might use the Biden admin’s playbook

Former Attorney General Eric Holder Joining MSNBC's Joy Reid on Thursday This is to revisit a theme that is currently central to the Biden campaign. Democracy is being threatened by the selection of candidates unfavorable to the Democratic Party. In addition to confusing democracy with Democratic control of the executive branch, Holder suggested that former President Donald Trump would make America “unrecognizable” during his second term.

Contrary to Holder's suggestion, the purported dystopia he conceptualized is neither unfamiliar nor unprecedented, but rather an imaginary republican version of the current prosecutorial system. Holder's comments therefore appear to hint at Democrats' fear that their strategy will soon be co-opted and used against them.

Reade, who had just criticized “white Christians” who supported Trump and compared those who voted for him to Hitler supporters, told the former Obama senator that Trump won. He encouraged them to paint a picture of the anger and destruction of the situation.First, she set the mood by playing picture Mike Davis of the Article III Project has revealed what he would do if he was appointed Attorney General by President Trump.

“I'm going to rain hell on Washington, D.C., before Trump's pardon kicks me out of town,” Davis, a former chief of staff for Chuck Grassley's nomination to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee, told conservative commentators in an interview last year. quipped Benny Johnson. “We're going to fire a lot of people in the executive branch of the deep state.”

“We are killing Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, James Biden, and every other vile, despicable Biden except for his 5-year-old granddaughter, who refused to acknowledge him for 5 years until political pressure got to Joe Biden. I intend to prosecute.” Davis. “We're going to deport a lot of people, 10 million people and growing – babies, their parents, grandparents.”

Referring to Davis' remarks, Reed asked Holder: that What would the real Justice Department look like if Donald Trump became president again? ”

“I think we need to take their word for it, and I think we need to take Donald Trump's word for it,” Holder previously said. defended the lead On her choice of words for members of the LGBT community. “Whether or not that idiot becomes attorney general, they will — Trump will try to install an attorney general who will do his bidding.”

Mr. Holder suggested that Mr. Trump could similarly recruit an influential and loyal figure to lead the Justice Department's criminal division, having “learned from his first term.”

“We're going to actually do the things that they tried to do in the first term but were blocked by career people and, to be fair, other political appointees who decided not to go. “It's going to put a government in place that's against the rule of law,” Holder said.

“Trump’s second term will be politicized and weaponized – forget it was politicized. Armed with the U.S. Department of Justice, he will do what that idiot said, with all due respect,” the former “Fast and Furious” AG continued. held for contempt of Congress.

“We have a president who is above the law. We have a Justice Department that goes after his political opponents for absolutely no reason. He's going to prosecute Joe Biden. Well, for what exactly? That kind of bothers them. That's not the case.'' Owner. “There will be a United States of America that we will not recognize. It will not be the United States of America that we have come to know and love, but the United States that we often see in Putin's Russia.”

Holder has traveled all over the world looking for similarities, and it appears there are similarities in Washington, too.

After all, President Joe Biden has so far been unscathed by raids and trials over allegations of mishandling of classified documents and Hunter Biden's involvement in questionable foreign dealings.

Meanwhile, the Biden Justice Department has filed more than 40 federal felonies against Trump, including numerous additional charges concocted by Democratic prosecutors at the state level, where the Biden administration's presence is still felt. Not included.

Recent court filings reveal possible coordination between President Biden's White House officials and prosecutors in Trump's Georgia election interference case.resemble concerns have been raised About special counsel Jack Smith's team's talks with the Biden administration before the indictment of Republicans over their handling of classified documents.

Department of Justice; A special committee to promote abortion is currently in place.has targeted the president's obvious ideological opponents and critics, including pro-life activists, journalists, and conservative Christians, along with other forces in the Biden administration, while Democratic-aligned groups has been working to attack Biden's biggest rival from the polls ahead of the election. election.

Mr. Holder served in a Democratic administration; used the IRS as a weapon against political opponentsReid said, “American democracy could end with the election of Donald Trump.”

It has become something of a catchphrase for Biden's allies and the 81-year-old Democratic camp.

“Trump poses many threats to our country. Our right to choose, our civil rights, our right to vote, and America's place in the world,” Biden tweeted hours after his rival was removed from Colorado's primary vote. It is,” he posted.

“But the greatest threat he poses is to our democracy,” Biden continued. “If you lose that, you lose everything.”

At Biden's first major campaign event of the year, he said: Said“America, as we begin this election year, let us be clear: Democracy is on the ballot. Your freedom is on the ballot.”

“This is the first national election since the January 6th insurrection held a dagger to the throat of American democracy — since that moment,” Biden continued. “We all know who Donald Trump is. The question we have to answer is: Who are we?”

As mentioned by Mr. Davis and Mr. Reed, answered In on I plan to use it.”

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