Eric Trump Slams Cohen’s ‘Resentment’ Testimony, Says Fmr Atty Used To Send Texts About Being Trump’s Chief Of Staff

Eric Trump spoke out on Fox News on Monday about former lawyer Michael Cohen’s “outraged” testimony, saying he allegedly sent pre-emptive text messages saying Cohen was Trump’s chief of staff. and criticized his former lawyer.

Eric Trump appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” and was charged with 34 felonies by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for allegedly falsifying business records to pay porn star Stormy Daniels. He spoke about his father’s ongoing trial. Mr. Cohen, the prosecution’s key witness in the case, took the stand for the first time Monday morning and detailed allegations that President Trump directed payments to Mr. Daniels. (Related article: Michael Cohen admits to lying, claims Trump is at the heart of Alvin Bragg case)

“What kind of man was he?” Fox host Laura Ingraham asked. “When I met him, I’ve met him a few times, I don’t want to be unkind to anyone and I’m not really, but he doesn’t impress me. And your father has incredible judgment about so many people and situations. How did he get hired? I call him Jughead. ” which I think is kind of a youthful term, but he looks like Jughead to me.How did he get it – the staff is so important [and] This man was someone I could rely on. why? asked Ingraham.

“Well, that’s exactly why my dad didn’t want to take me to Washington, D.C.,” Eric Trump replied. “By the way, he sat there for an hour today talking about how angry he was, right? He literally told people, ‘I’m going to be chief of staff, I want to be chief of staff.’ I was texting. He lobbied on this, and lobbied the attorney general. ”

“How much of this is resentment?” Ingraham asked.

“And all of a sudden, my dad doesn’t want to take me to Washington, D.C., and I’m so upset,” Eric Trump said. “By the way, this guy is a convicted felon who lost his law license and went to hell because he was clearly defrauding financial institutions in his personal life based on taxi medallions. .”

“But still, this is their star witness,” he continued. “Their star witness is a convicted felon, a man who lost his law license, and a porn star. Alvin Bragg is literally the person you want to run against the 45th and 47th.” –Because he will be the 47th president of the United States.

Not only did Mr. Bragg plead guilty in 2017 to lying to Congress over plans to build Trump Tower in Moscow, he also pleaded guilty under oath to tax evasion in 2018 in a separate case last year. Many people criticized Mr. Bragg’s use of the site because he said he lied. Mr. Cohen has publicly criticized the former president since parting ways with Mr. Trump.

In recent weeks, the former lawyer went live on TikTok, commenting on Trump and urging viewers to “vote blue.” according to to the Washington Post.