Explosion in Fast Food Prices Hurting Joe Biden in 2024

Fast food prices are rising across America, even more than grocery and gasoline prices, and Axios’ leftists worry that this will hurt their beloved President Joe Biden.

“Working-class voters are unhappy with President Biden’s economic policies, and the price of a Happy Meal may be a factor.” write The smooth-talking idiots at Axios: “Fast food restaurants have increased prices under Biden by more than we pay for groceries or gas.”

“In 2020, Biden beat Trump 55% to 44% among households earning less than $50,000. Biden won even more votes among households earning between $50,000 and $99,000, 57% to 42%.”

But everything has changed…

“Biden relied on working-class voters to win in 2020, but rising prices and high interest rates are hitting the poorest Americans hardest,” the report continues. “Survey after survey finds that Biden is losing or fragmenting low-income voters.”

According to the accompanying graph, wages for non-managerial workers have increased 36% since 2017, while fast food prices have increased 41%.

That’s all well and good and erudite and slide-rule, but let’s look at the actual price increases since Biden took office…

McDonald’s: late 2019 to 2024

  • Medium fries: $1.79 – $4.19
  • McChicken: $1.29 to $3.89
  • Big Mac: $3.99 – $7.49
  • 10 McNuggets: $4.49 – $7.58
  • Cheeseburger: $1.00 – $3.15

Please remember pulp fiction Remember when John Travolta’s character couldn’t believe that $5 milkshakes existed? A large milkshake at Chick-fil-A now costs $5.19. It was $3.15 when former President Donald Trump was president.

When you go through a drive-thru, get in the car with your kids and see the price, it’s like a slap in the face. The price is demoralizing. You feel ripped off and defeated. It used to be that you could go to McDonald’s for $5 and get two cheeseburgers, a soda, and a side of fries. That made sense. Now it’s almost double that.

Gas prices are having the same effect. My beautiful wife and I are on the road right now visiting family and gas is $5 in some places. Under Trump it was $2.39. I’m nervous. I have a gut feeling something is wrong.

These cruel pricing tactics are entirely Joe Biden’s fault. He has spent hundreds of billions of dollars of unnecessary federal spending, devaluing the dollar. Biden has allowed millions of illegal immigrants to flood the country, increasing demand for housing, energy and food, constantly raising costs. Biden has destroyed our energy independence with his environmental nonsense, raising the cost of energy. Energy raises the cost of everything, because it is needed to produce, transport and store everything.

Biden may try to blame it on the pandemic, but that was three years ago and things are getting worse, not better. When the fake media tells you Inflation is fallingThat means inflation hasn’t risen much. What the media doesn’t tell you is that inflation is cumulative. If inflation in 2023 is 9% and in 2024 is 5%, then prices have risen 14%. But we’re still being told inflation is falling.

The poor, especially the working poor, often work long hours and rely on $5 McDonald’s meals for breaks from cooking and washing dishes. Biden’s destructive policies have likely destroyed affordable fast food forever.

I don’t like fast food. Part of the fun of camping is saving money on eating out. But sometimes it’s nice to get a $5 Subway sandwich. Those days are over. Paying $9 for a sandwich seems a little crazy. I make enough money. I can afford it. I can imagine how the working poor feel when they’re faced with prices like that.

Well, they got what they voted for, and we’ll see in six months if they want anything more.

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