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How Etsy bet on NYC and against fast fashion — and won

In an age of cheap, soulless fast fashion and dropshipping, Brooklyn-based Etsy reinforces the idea that customers want unique, custom-made products made by actual humans. Earlier this week, the company announced new rules to increase transparency about the origins of products, remove junk from the platform, and ensure all products on the platform are made […]

Chickenflation — Welcome to the Fast Food Price Crisis

How about inflation as well? $43.99. That’s the price for “12 pieces of delicious flame-grilled chicken, three sides to choose from, warm tortillas and fresh salsa.” El Pollo LocoAt least, that’s according to one online influencer. (I checked the price of the same dish at a local franchise in my neighborhood outside of Los Angeles […]

The best fast food chicken sandwiches in America by state

The word is bird. People are rejoicing over a tasty new survey that determines the most popular fast-food chicken sandwich in the country, with one top-notch sandwich rising above all the rest. Brave Researcher Coupon Bird We surveyed 2,000 bird-loving Americans about their fast-food chicken preferences and broke down the results by state, and found […]

Pastor Jack Hibbs Calls All Americans to Pray and Fast for Our Nation

Pastor Jack Hibbs of the California-based megachurch Calvary Chapel Chino Hills is urging Americans, especially Christians, to join in a month of prayer and fasting for the nation next month in Tennessee. During the period Sermon Hibbs told his congregation on Sunday that Tennessee’s Republican governor, Bill Lee, has signed a bill calling on state […]

Crazy fast electric robot sets new Rubik’s Cube world record

There’s always something new coming out in the world of robotics, but this time Mitsubishi Electric is catching everyone’s attention. The company’s robot, the TOKUFASTbot, is in the spotlight for a completely different reason than the company you might normally see carefully wiring its motors. He took on the Rubik’s Cube, but he wasn’t just […]

The Results of California’s New $20 Fast Food Minimum Wage Are Already In

Thousands of jobs have already been eliminated by California’s law to raise the minimum wage to $20 for restaurant workers, which goes into effect April 1. For eight years, Michael Ojeda delivered food for a Pizza Hut in Ontario, California, using the income he received to support his family. In December, the 29-year-old received a letter from […]

10,000 California Fast Food Jobs Cut Due to $20 Minimum Wage

Fast food restaurants in California have reportedly cut about 10,000 jobs after the state’s minimum wage increased to $20. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) law to pay workers $20 an hour goes into effect on April 1 and is clearly dealing a devastating blow to the industry, Fox Business reported. report Wednesday. The media continues: The […]

Timing for US ether ETF launches depends on how fast issuers can move, SEC chair says

Faryar Shirzad, Chief Policy Officer at Coinbase, talks about the impact of custody on “The Claman Countdown.” When an exchange-traded fund (ETF) tracking the cryptocurrency Ethereum could begin trading will depend largely on how quickly its issuer responds to questions from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Chairman Gary Gensler said on Wednesday. Last month, […]