Not so fast, Rep. Graves—The FAA statute is ambiguous 

President Biden’s nominee for Federal Aviation Administration Commissioner Phil Washington faces potential obstacles to his approval. Some members of Congress believe he is ineligible for the position. The problem is that Washington is a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces and the law requires FAA administrators to be “civilians.” Rep. Sam Graves (Republican-Mo.) recently told […]

Five pressing issues facing Mets as season fast approaches

port street. LUCIE — The Mets bring most of their team to his coast in Gulf, Florida, for an exhibition game against the Braves and Rays starting Thursday. There is still work to be won and lost, and the focus will shift to the season opener on March 30 in Miami. The World Baseball Classic […]

Partial residential conversion of McGraw-Hill Building fast tracked

Partial conversion of the landmark McGraw-Hill building at 330 W. 42nd Street is proceeding at a rapid pace. Since my colleague Lois Weiss first reported that asset manager Resolution Real Estate was considering this option in October 2022, “We have cleared all the hurdles. said Gerald Nocera, Managing Partner of Resolution. The 12th to 34th […]

Vatican Newspaper Urges Catholics to Fast from ‘Fossil Fuels’ for Lent

ROME — official newspaper of the Vatican Rosselvatore Romano It appealed to Catholics to “fast from gas and other fossil fuels” during Lent in solidarity with those suffering from the “Ukrainian cold”. Lent is “a time for reflection and concrete action, such as ‘gas fasting’ and limiting the use of heating,” the paper said. Proposed“Not […]

Our military leaders need a national security ‘fast lane’ to compete with China

The Chinese spy balloon incident highlights both the recklessness of China’s military ambitions and the US military’s struggle to counter China’s bold moves with new capabilities such as the latest aerial surveillance tools. But the PLA’s most immediate weapon threat to the United States isn’t balloons, it’s now a massive missile program designed to keep […]

EU to Ban ‘Fast Fashion’ To Tackle Environmental Waste

The European Union (EU) is enacting a new policy to phase out “fast fashion” to reduce the amount of clothing waste between member states and encourage manufacturers to create long-lasting products. increase. The EU strategy sets a target to implement changes so that by 2030, textiles and clothing placed on the market within the bloc […]