FACT CHECK: Instagram Post Falsely Claims Kristi Noem Banned The Sale Of Watermelon Slices In South Dakota

post shared on Instagram South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem claims to have banned the sale of watermelon slices in the state.

Verdict: False

A spokesperson for Noem denied the claims in an email to Check Your Facts.

Fact check:

Nearly two-thirds of South Dakotans said they had a “negative view” of Noem after the publication of her new book, “No Going Back,” according to a poll co-sponsored by . South Dakota News WatchNoem’s killing of the “unruly family hunting dog” was just one of the revelations in the book, the Post reported.

The Instagram post, which had garnered over 200 likes at the time of writing, alleges that Noem banned the sale of watermelon slices in the state. “South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has banned the sale of red watermelon slices, which represent the Palestinian flag, claiming they are anti-Semitic. In defiance, people have taken to the streets to hand out watermelon slices in support of Palestine,” the post read. Tweet from May 15thit is read.

The tweet features a video of a young woman wearing a keffiyeh scarf handing out watermelon slices.

However, this claim is false.This claim is not even posted on his Noem site Website she has not been confirmed either socializing media account.Similarly, we found “Check the facts” There are no reliable reports to support the claim. In fact, the opposite is true. USA Today reported in a May 17 article that this claim was false.

Additionally, Noem’s spokesperson Ian Fury denied the validity of this claim in an email to Check Your Fact.

“There’s no truth to this [claim]” Fury said.

According to , the watermelon is a symbol of “Palestinian unity.” time. The magazine says the symbol is “not new” but “first appeared after Israel seized control of the West Bank and Gaza and annexed East Jerusalem after the 1967 Six-Day War.” That’s what it means. At the time, Palestinians were using watermelons to circumvent an Israeli government ban that made publicly displaying the Palestinian flag a “criminal act.” (Related: X image showing baby next to dead mother in Rafah was generated by AI)

This is not the first time false claims have spread online. Check Your Facts previously denied a social media post that claimed the city of Chicago ceremonially raised the Palestinian flag.