FACT CHECK: No Evidence Of Newly Released Footage Of Jeffrey Epstein’s Jail Cell

post shared on Instagram Video footage of late financier Jeffrey Epstein’s cell has been discovered and claims to prove that multiple celebrities were involved in his death.

Verdict: False

There is no evidence for this claim. Security footage of Epstein’s cell was lost in 2020.

Fact check:

Convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell is writing a revealing memoir in prison to combat “misinformation” about her relationship with Epstein. new york post. The 62-year-old is currently serving a 20-year sentence for her role in grooming and recruiting underage girls for Epstein. sky news report.

In an Instagram post, footage of Epstein’s cell has resurfaced, claiming multiple celebrities have provided “concrete evidence” of involvement in his death.

“The long-awaited video from Epstein’s first prison cell after his mysterious disappearance has resurfaced! This astonishing footage has been shared by Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, Oprah, Lottschild and many others. “We present concrete evidence that they played a key role in the incident and orchestrated it to protect their own interests,” the caption reads. “Watch the unedited video on JEFFREY EPSTEIN EXPOSE Telegram channel and get ready to know the full truth.”

This claim was posted by the account . national news united states of america, seems to be posting other conspiracy theories.of Link in the account profile leads to a Telegram channel where you can get information about Edward Snowden, Alina Haba and the “Secret Laboratory”. Nothing related to Epstein is listed.

According to information in 2020, security video of the outside of Epstein’s cell taken at the time of his suicide was lost. ABC News article. not here Trustworthy reporting About the video resurfacing. (Related: Brooklyn tunnel is no more than a mile from Epstein’s former residence)

The Federal Bureau of Prisons could not confirm in a fact-checking email whether the claim was accurate, but cited Freedom of Information Act citations. record Available on the website.



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