FACT CHECK: Video Does Not Show Ship Struck By Houthis

video shared on Instagram It claims to be showing the Rubimar ship attacked by the Houthis.

Verdict: False

Rubimar is not visible in the video. Some of the videos are from his 2020 and others are from his 2013.

Fact check:

The British merchant ship MV Rubimar was hit by a Houthi missile, causing the crew to abandon it and leaking fuel. Reuters. Blue Fleet Group CEO Roy Cooley told the publication that despite the damage, the ship remained afloat.

Social media users have been sharing videos they claim show the Rubimar sinking. The caption read: “The Rubimaa is confirmed to have sunk. This is the first ship sunk by the Houthis since the Red Sea crisis began.”

Rubimar is not visible in the video. Through a reverse image search, Check Your Fact discovered that the first part of the video is actually from 2020. The video was shared on: YouTube In June 2020 “Sinking of the Stella Banner in Maranhão

The video shows the ship MV Stella Banner, which sank in June 2020 after running aground in Brazil in February 2020, the paper said. Marshall Islands Maritime Administration.

Check Your Fact debunked the second half of the video in a previous article. The second half of the video shows the Atlantic Confidence, which sank off the coast of Oman in 2013. (Related: Houthi rebels claim they attacked US warship in Red Sea)

USA Today too Error exposed This claim.

Check Your Fact fact-checked a number of claims related to the current fighting in the Levant. For example, Check Your Fact recently fact-checked a claim that 28,000 Palestinian civilians were killed in Israel’s attack on Gaza.



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