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Family desperate for return of relative who joined 7M, ‘brainwashing cult’ behind viral TikTok dancing videos

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A popular true-crime documentary series about an alleged TikTok cult ended with families reluctantly coming to terms with the loss of their loved ones.

In one of the final scenes of “Dancing for the Devil: The TikTok Cult of 7M,” Miranda (Wilking) Derrick’s parents are on the floor video chatting with their daughter, grandson and son-in-law, with the understanding that no one mentions the Los Angeles church and its leader, who has been accused of running a cult of “brainwashed” dancers.

Miranda’s sister, Melanie Wilking, said she has accepted that her dream of a wedding with her sister as a bridesmaid will not come true.

It may seem as though the storm has subsided, but dangerous currents are still swirling just below the surface, claiming more victims, cult expert Dr Steven Hassan warned.

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Melanie Wilking (center) is flanked by her parents as she desperately pleads with her sister, Miranda Wilking, to come home in a 2022 Instagram Live video. (Melanie Wilking/Instagram)

On paper, Robert Shinn is the pastor of Shekinah Church in Los Angeles and owns the dance production company where Miranda and her husband James Derrick (among others) work.

But former members alleged in court documents that Singh was a “self-proclaimed man of God” who lived a lavish lifestyle at the expense of brainwashed TikTok dancers who were sexually abused and blackmailed.

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Following the release of Netflix’s “Dancing for the Devil: The TikTok Cult of 7M,” 7M Films said in a statement on Instagram that the documentary series was a “libelous work of fiction born out of a failed extortion attempt.”

The post was posted on June 4 and remains the only post from the account. The company did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

This is 7M Films' only public response to the Netflix documentary that accuses company president Robert Shin and 7M of being a cult, and was posted solely on the company's Instagram account.

The company’s only post on Instagram was a response to the Netflix documentary that accused 7M Films head Robert Shin and the company of being a cult. (7m.films/Instagram)

VIDEO: Melinda Wilking, accompanied by her parents, pleads for Miranda

After watching the three-part series, Hassan said Singh and 7M had the characteristics of a fast-growing “brainwashing cult” disguised as a religious movement called the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR).

“What distinguishes them from mainstream evangelical Christianity is that their leaders claim to be apostles and prophets receiving direct revelation from God,” Hassan told Fox News Digital.

“In my opinion, these cult leaders claim that God speaks to them directly and typically claim to speak in tongues, cast out demons and perform faith healing.”

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All of these characteristics are described by former members interviewed in the documentary and also in court documents obtained and reviewed by Fox News Digital.

According to the lawsuit against Singh, 7M and several others, “Robert (Shin) ran his ‘church’ by preaching that without him (the former member who sued Singh) and other Shekinah members would be cursed.”

According to the lawsuit, he convinced his followers and former followers that “if they did not completely surrender to him, their lives and their families’ lives would be destroyed and they would be sent to hell,” and that this was their “last chance” to go to heaven “through the rapture.”

Miranda (Wilking) Derrick released the statement in an Instagram video on June 4.

Miranda (Wilking) Derrick released the statement in an Instagram video on June 4. (itsmirandaderrick/Instagram)

The allegations were laid out in a third amended complaint filed in May as the latest blow in a two-year legal battle between Singh and seven former members of his church.

Shin fired the first shot in 2022 with defamation and trade libel claims, while the former members countersued with 52 allegations they allege spanned nearly two decades, including fraud, human trafficking, forced labor, sexual assault and unjust enrichment.

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Singh tried unsuccessfully to have the lawsuit dismissed, arguing that as a religious organization it enjoys First Amendment protections.

The two sides are on a collision course, with the trial scheduled for July 5, 2025.

“Robert (Shin) preached that without him in running his ‘church’…Shekinah believers would be cursed…(Shekinah) was the last chance for believers to enter heaven via the rapture.”

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Sim and Miranda (Wilking) Derrick’s response

Singh has not responded publicly but has denied the allegations in court documents. His company warned on Instagram on June 4 that it would “take all legal action to stop the spread of these obscene lies.”

Singh’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Miranda, who is featured prominently in the Netflix documentary series, posted a lengthy Instagram message (below) on the same day that 7M Films released their statement.

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“I’m not a victim,” she said, emphasizing that she has not been harmed in any way. She called the documentary a “one-sided” public attack.

“I love my mom, my dad and Melanie. They will always be a part of my life. The truth is, we just don’t see eye to eye at this point,” Miranda said.

“I committed my life to Jesus Christ in 2020 and initially wanted to give my family some time to gather my thoughts and consider the new path I wanted to walk with God.”

Miranda (Wilking) Derrick posted this Instagram Story on June 4 in response to the Netflix documentary series.

An Instagram Story posted by Miranda (Wilking) Derrick on June 4 in response to the Netflix documentary series. (itsmirandaderrick/Instagram)

An Instagram Story posted by Miranda (Wilking) Derrick on June 4 in response to the Netflix documentary series.

An Instagram Story posted by Miranda (Wilking) Derrick on June 4 in response to the Netflix documentary series. (itsmirandaderrick/Instagram)

Miranda went on to say that although she has met with the family “to make amends,” as was mentioned in the docuseries, her portrayal has “created further problems” between her and the family.

“Nobody enjoys being portrayed as brainwashed, as having no control over their life, as being a far cry from who they are, as a daughter or sister who’s been trafficked, but that’s not true,” she said.

There is a bigger threat

Singh, the Wilking family and Shekinah Church are examples of what Hassan believes are part of the NAR.

Contemporary teachings include the “Seven Mountains Mission,” which calls on followers to reclaim seven “mountains” of cultural influence: religion, family, government, education, media, arts/entertainment, and business.

The “Seven Mountain Mandate” is often abbreviated to “7M” in research and academic papers.

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Justin Poysers, pastor of All Saints Church in Boise, Idaho, Wrote a critique We will discuss the Seven Mountain Mandate in more detail in our July 2023 blog post.

“In a sense, the reach of the 7M mission neatly sums up the institutions that shape our culture,” Poysers writes. “Anyone with strong beliefs — conservative, liberal, Muslim, Jew, secular — naturally wants their values ​​to be adopted and promoted across all seven ‘mountains.'”

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“But the 7M mandate goes further. Its view is ultimately based on a twofold misunderstanding of Scripture and of Christ’s purpose in this world.”

Its popularity grew from 20% of American adults and 30% of American Christian adults in March 2023 to 41% by January 2024, according to the survey. Academic Poll in May By Professor Paul Jupe of Dennison University.

According to an academic poll conducted in May by Dennison University professor Paul Jupe, the popularity of the New Apostolic Reformed (NAR) rose from 20% of American adults and 30% of adult American Christians in March 2023 to 41% in January 2024. (Paul A. Jupe, Denison University/Public Religion)

Is there a criminal investigation going on?

The short answer is no.

The attorney general’s office said it had not received any written complaints about 7M or Mr. Singh, and the Los Angeles district attorney’s office did not immediately respond to questions.

Fox News Digital filed a public records request with the Los Angeles Police Department.

There Online Petition The campaign has garnered more than 16,100 signatures calling on law enforcement agencies to investigate and file criminal charges against Singh.

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“The time for justice is now,” the online petition said. “Those who prey on vulnerable people under the guise of religion cannot be allowed to continue these heinous acts with impunity.”

“Please sign this petition and demand that law enforcement in Los Angeles and Pacoima, California, take immediate action to begin an investigation into Robert Singh and his crimes.”

TikTok did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.