Fmr. Biden ICE Official on Reported Release of Terror Watch List Member by Border Patrol: That’s ‘Very, Very Rare’

Jason Hauser, who served as ICE chief of staff under the Biden administration, responded in part in an interview with NBC News that aired Thursday on “NBC Nightly News.” report The Border Patrol said it had released the man who was on a terrorist watch list, saying such incidents were “extremely rare.” However, we do not tolerate terrorists or individuals associated with terrorism attempting to enter the United States.

NBC News Homeland Security Correspondent Julia Ainslie said the incident “appears to be just one of at least three cases in which a terrorist suspect has been released in the past two years, according to Customs and Border Protection.” ” he said. DHS Inspector General And Congress too. ”

She also played footage of Hauser saying, “We will not tolerate any terrorist or terrorist-affiliated individual attempting to enter this country.”

Afterwards, Ainslie said, “We pressed former ICE officials in the Biden administration about how members of terrorist groups are released into the United States by DHS.”

She then played a clip of Hauser and said: “This is very, very unusual. Border Patrol, ICE, federal law enforcement, there’s tremendous capacity and capacity to identify and vet people coming to the border.”

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