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FRANK LASEE: Wind Turbines And Lobsters Mean Less Lobsters And Not Enough Electricity

National Lobster Day is a good time to reflect on how highly subsidized offshore wind development will affect lobsters and the $400 million lobster industry.

Offshore wind power disrupts lobster fisheries and destroys habitat, which is bad for Maine lobsters and bad for affordable electricity.

The 30 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind power ordered by President Joe Biden, rather than through Congress, is a move that panders to the far-left Democratic base, calling for more than 2,000 wind turbines and foundations, 6,800 miles of cable, and hundreds of specialized vessels. According to the Department of Energy, 30GW is planned to be installed.Offshore Wind Industry Spent $2.7 billion for supply chain, transmission, ports, ships in the first year of operations. And that’s just the start of costs. Adding offshore wind will raise electricity prices anywhere.

Wind towers Harvard University Research Wind turbines heat the air around them, stealing energy from the wind and changing weather patterns. If turbines are placed too close together, they produce less electricity, so they require a large area of ​​ocean. Offshore wind turbines: Recent wind droughts In Europe, local weather may change, causing local climate change that may negatively affect lobsters and other marine life. Changing weather patterns may cause lobsters and fish to find new habitats.

of Buried Cable The nets catch fishermen’s gear as it emerges from the shallow tunnels, and the cost of replacing that gear drives up the costs when nets are lost or damaged and must be replaced, driving up the price of fish and lobsters.

Lobster larvae have tripled in number I’m not good at swimming And three times as many people There is a deformityThe electromagnetic waves from the cables have caused damage to their eyes and tails. Because they cannot swim as well as other fish, they are eaten by predators and many of them starve to death before they can grow large. Larger bodies are better for survival in the wild. Furthermore, the electromagnetic waves can Attract and Captivate Crabs and lobsters become easier to eat.

Misshapen lobster larvae are a cause for concern. How will these deformities affect future generations? Fewer lobsters could reduce future supplies, raising costs or making it economically impossible to catch lobsters at all.

The blasting noise needed to build the tower foundations will be temporary, but the foundations for 2,000 wind turbines and 6,800 miles of cables will require significant blasting activity for many years. Marine Animalsand Whale The sound waves from the blast would kill or drive them away, likely never to return, and would likely permanently damage their hearing, negatively impacting their ability to survive and reproduce.

and, Turbine noise Wind turbines rotate and generate electricity 40% of the time. Each turbine needs to be visited daily. Increased ship traffic also plays a role. Wind turbines Operational costsThis can amount to 20-30% of the total cost.

Finally, when the ocean floor is altered by large bases or anchors, sea bass have a place to live. Sea bass like to congregate near marine structures. One of their main Food Sources These are baby lobsters. The sea bass clear the baby lobsters out of these areas. Fewer lobsters grow large enough to reproduce and sell to people who eat lobsters.

Perhaps the periodic noise of large wind turbines Drive away Suzuki is sensitive about noise. Before spending billions of dollars, shouldn’t they take the time to carefully research the facts scientifically and do the right thing?

And China and India, seeking low-cost energy to power their citizens, increase prosperity, and bolster their national security, are building hundreds of new coal-fired power plants. oil, coal and Natural gas The offshore wind we build will not be an issue because we are breaking usage records.

We need to slow this offshore wind energy transition. I don’t knowit could lead to huge amounts of money being wasted. If this doesn’t turn out the way they want us to believe, a lot of problems could arise.

Hopefully, there will be enough lobsters for our grandchildren to celebrate “National Lobster Day” 50 years from now.

Frank Lacey is the author of The Climate & Energy Lie, a spokesman for Energy & Climate Truth, a former Wisconsin State Senator and member of Governor Scott Walker’s administration.

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