‘Fuming’ Travis Kelce image fueling NYC’s ‘anti-car’ agenda

Some government agencies in New York City are using a viral image of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce screaming at head coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl to advance their policy agenda.

“Outdoor dining accounts for less than 0.5% of New York City’s street parking. Public spaces belong to everyone, not just cars,” the city posted. Ministry of Transport Monday Attached was a photo of Kelce with his chin pointed at Reed, who was expressionless on the sidelines.

Some critics accused the Department of Transportation of using a photo of Taylor Swift’s boyfriend barking at a coach to promote domestic anti-car policies.

Critics like City Councilman Robert Holden (D-Queens) say the Department of Transportation’s post featuring Travis Kelsey’s shoutout is used to spread national awareness of what they believe to be anti-car policies. He questioned whether this had been done. X @NYC_DOT

“Instead of focusing on filling potholes and installing speed bumps in a timely manner, the Department of Transportation is tweeting nonsense that New Yorkers don’t care about,” said City Councilman Robert Holden (D-Queens). I like it,” he said furiously. “It’s the Department of Transportation. . . . We need a major change in leadership.”

DOT spokesman Nick Benson said he was “notoriously bad at lip reading, but I think it’s safe to say that Travis Kelce was very vocal in his support for outdoor dining in New York City.” he quipped.

“Or you can praise the New York City General Authority for filling more potholes, filling them faster, and installing 53% more speed humps compared to the previous year.” Sources say Coach Reed on social media When I asked where I could follow NYC DOT in the media, Travis told me @NYC_DOT,” Benson joked.

The city’s Department of Buildings similarly posted an image of the boiling Kelce to X, along with an all-caps message about the dangers of illegal underground construction.

Manhattan traffic situation
Some New Yorkers feel that public roads should have less car traffic, and that city officials are encouraging traffic congestion to worsen by removing some on-street parking for outdoor dining. Some people feel that they are. AFP (via Getty Images)

“Do not excavate the basement floor without blueprints or permits.” Post DOB to X, This appears to be a reference to a group of Orthodox Jews who were arrested last month for illegally digging a secret tunnel beneath a synagogue in Brooklyn.

“It destabilizes the structural integrity of the building.”



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