Exposing deepfakes should top 2024’s voter education agenda

The world suddenly seems to be drowning in computer-generated “deepfake” content, which poses all sorts of risks and problems. Not just Taylor Swift. Congress and regulators are now scrambling to rein in technology that has the potential to overturn elections and endanger national security. Earlier this month, The Federal Communications Commission issued a ban. About […]

‘Fuming’ Travis Kelce image fueling NYC’s ‘anti-car’ agenda

Some government agencies in New York City are using a viral image of Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce screaming at head coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl to advance their policy agenda. “Outdoor dining accounts for less than 0.5% of New York City’s street parking. Public spaces belong to everyone, not just cars,” […]

Media are desperately distracting us with an agenda of hysterical noise

You’re already dead, don’t worry. We are all. The civil war started a few weeks ago, and it absolutely killed us all.As Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Will Bunch explained January 25th, “Eagle Pass is today’s Fort Sumter,” where the war began. Last month, the first shot in a nationwide conflagration was imminent. Bunch said Texas Governor […]

The hidden agenda: Exposing the immigration bill’s reality

Joe Biden has the authority to secure the border, but for some reason he won’t do it. Even immigration legislation hailed as the toughest in history masks its true meaning with complex legalese. “There are multiple loopholes to this,” Mark Levin explains. “Including the fact that you have to go through a port of entry.” […]

Biotechnology should be high on the agenda at the Munich Security Conference

this weekend’s munich security conference It will be haunted by the shadow of Donald Trump.his outrageous comment While president, he reportedly told NATO leaders that he would “encourage them” if they did not meet their financial obligations to NATO. [Moscow’s leaders] The words “do whatever they want” sent chills down the spines of already worried […]

House delivers blow to Biden’s climate agenda, votes against natural gas moratorium

The House of Representatives voted Thursday afternoon to strip the Biden administration of its authority to authorize natural gas export projects, dealing a blow to the president’s climate change policies. The House approved the so-called Unlocking Domestic LNG Potential Act by a vote of 224-200, with 215 Republicans and nine Democrats voting yes. Rep. August […]

Farmers in Italy, Spain and Poland Protest EU’s Green Agenda

MADRID (AP) – Farmers in Italy, Spain and Poland on Friday raised production costs, reduced profits and unfair competition from non-EU countries as part of ongoing protests against the European Union’s agricultural policies. A demonstration was held to demand countermeasures. Similar protests have occurred across the bloc in recent weeks. Farmers complain that the 27-nation […]

Biden’s Climate Agenda Is Contributing To Ballooning Deficit, CBO Says

President Joe Biden’s massive climate change policies are contributing to the ballooning federal budget deficit, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The administration’s green spending, Vice President Kamala Harris recently Estimation It costs $1 trillion and contributes to the growing federal deficit. according to In a new CBO report assessing the nation’s budget outlook […]

EU Scraps Key Elements of Green Agenda in Standoff with Farmers

Peasant revolts across the continent have forced the globalist European Union leadership in Brussels to back away from a key element of its green agenda, which is to achieve “net-zero” emissions for the time being. Following last year’s big victory in the Netherlands, farmers’ tractor protests scored another major victory against globalist policies on Tuesday, […]


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