Georgia man admitted to putting antifreeze in newborn baby’s milk because he didn’t want to pay child support, police say

Georgia State Police said they worked extremely hard to prove the man was guilty. trying to poison A daughter born after he recanted his confession.

Curtis Jack, of South Fulton, is accused of heinous acts after impregnating a co-worker in 2022. The baby’s mother said Jack had been trying to abort her child throughout the nine months of her pregnancy.

After the baby was born on September 24, the mother turned to Jack for help as she had to be hospitalized due to birth complications.he was there Asked She received two bottles of breast milk from the mother and delivered them to the child’s grandmother, who was caring for her, on October 10th.

The child was in critical condition shortly after, and South Fulton Police Department detectives was interviewed Jack talked about the milk he delivered. He admitted to putting antifreeze in milk to avoid paying child support.

However, after being charged with attempted murder and other crimes, he recanted his confession.

South Fulton Police Sergeant Sarda Dickerson was the lead detective on the case and told WSB-TV that she was committed to making the case against Jack.

“More than getting a confession, you have to prove that someone committed a crime. You have to prove that the person is guilty,” he explained.

The child’s mother told WSB that the baby girl, named Madison, was expected to be okay.

Police told WSB that Jack was engaged to another woman at the time of the incident, which may have been a motive for the crime.

The man was charged with attempted murder and first-degree child abuse. “He was an 18-day-old baby, so it was a huge shock to him,” Dickerson said.

“In our work, we actually have to utilize two different locations,” he explained. “We have to do our job. We also have to empathize with the parents. So in a way, we were trying to understand who did it and what the motive was. It touched my heart.”

In a unanimous verdict, the jury found Jack guilty on all charges. The judge sentenced the man to 50 years in prison and 40 years in prison.

Details of this incident are as follows:

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