Globalist Politician Rejected by Own Electorate Favourite to Lead NATO

Both the US and UK have expressed support for outgoing Dutch Prime Minister and Trump Whisperer Mark Rutte as the NATO alliance’s next Secretary-General, marking the globalist politician’s slide into a prominent role. It suggests.

Major NATO countries, including the US, UK, France and Germany, support Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. The veteran globalist lawmaker has maintained power in his native Denmark for nearly 14 years through a series of unstable coalition governments, but last year’s chaotic national election led to the rise of right-wing populist Geert Wilders. The first place his era is finally coming to an end.

Wilders’ outspoken positions on issues such as mass immigration and nationalism negate everything soft-right centrist globalists like Rutte have stood for, and other uprisings like the anti-green agenda peasant movement. The populist party’s success really highlights the degree of Dutch support it has. Voters rejected Rutte’s platform.

But NATO need not fear post-retirement boredom as it searches for a new secretary-general. The position is for a four-year term, with the possibility of renewal, meaning NATO could keep Rutte in the job for years to come. The current incumbent, former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, is scheduled to retire in October after serving in the position for about 10 years.

guardian report Rutte has had glowing words from NATO capital states, with the US saying President Biden “strongly supports” his role and the UK saying Rutte is “highly regarded across the alliance.” “I strongly support” Rutte, he said.

Perhaps one of Mr. Rutte’s greatest strengths in this job is his skill as a “Trump whisperer,” which is very likely to become an important quality for NATO leaders in the coming years. While the two men may not share the same political views, Rutte has been diplomatic toward Trump in the past, even chiding other European leaders for their constant criticism of the former president. be.

2019, Rutte he said. To the “white wine-drinking elites” who rolled their eyes at President Trump’s criticism of organizations like NATO, saying the president was right to point out that NATO has problems and needs to improve. I got angry. So instead of just complaining that “Trump is very wrong” about everything, Rutte would be better off using Trump’s presence to correct the flaws in multilateralism in NATO, the World Trade Organization, and the European Union. He said it would be.

Last month, Mr. Rutte once again diverged from European leaders’ opinion of Mr. Trump, pointing out that the former president had indeed pointed out that some European countries had ignored their NATO treaty obligations and paid little for their defense. He pointed out that it was the right thing to do. Reports at the time suggested that a more down-to-earth leader should be taken “seriously, not literally”, but amid a flurry of news that has commentators worried over President Trump’s latest NATO comments. “We need to stop moaning, whining and nagging,” Rutte said. About Trump. ”



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