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Gordon Ramsay ‘lucky’ to be alive following serious bicycle accident

Gordon Ramsay was in hospital after a cycling accident this week.

The 57-year-old chef and TV presenter shared the news on Instagram on Saturday, explaining what happened and urging his followers to always wear a helmet when riding their bikes.

“Hello everyone, it’s Gordon and I want to share a very important message with you all,” Gordon began in his video message. “You all know how much I love cycling, triathlons and the Isle of Man but unfortunately this week I was in a terrible accident.”

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Gordon Ramsay lifted his shirt to reveal his injury. (Getty Images/Instagram)

His hands were visibly shaking as he continued, “Honestly, I feel blessed to be here and the incredible trauma surgeons, doctors and nurses at the hospital who have treated me this week have all been amazing, but I’ll be honest with you, I need to put my helmet on.”

Ramsay said the helmets were “critically important” and reiterated that he was “fortunate to be standing here.”

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“I’m in pain. This week has been rough, but I’m getting through it,” he said, lifting his shirt to reveal a large bruise covering half his torso.

The “Kitchen Nightmares” host also shared a before and after photo, in which he can be seen wearing cycling clothes and standing next to his bike, with a helmet and sunglasses on.

In the “after” photo, only the shirt and helmet were seen, both of which appeared to be completely destroyed.

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Gordon Ramsay in his cycling gear before and after his accident

Gordon Ramsay shows off his cycling gear and helmet before and after his accident. (Instagram/Gordon Ramsay)

“I was in a bad accident this week while riding my bike in Connecticut. I didn’t break any bones or have any major injuries but I do have a few bruises and look like a purple potato,” Ramsay wrote in the caption of the post.

He continued, “I’m grateful to all the doctors, nurses and staff who treated and examined me at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in New London, but I’m most grateful for the helmet that saved my life. Have a great Father’s Day. Take care.”

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A representative for Ramsey did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

Gordon Ramsay is seen on the carpet in a white T-shirt and black jacket, flashing a soft smile.

Gordon Ramsay said he was lucky to survive the accident. (Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)

Former “Masterchef” contestant Nick DiGiovanni commented on the post, writing: “Wow, so scary. Glad you’re safe.”

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“Next Level Chef” contestant Gabrielle Chappell said: “Praying for a speedy recovery Chef. The bruising was so bad it took my breath away. I’m so glad you’re feeling better now.”