Hamas Likes to Take Aid, They’ve Ensured Palestinians Have No Quality of Life

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) said he expected Israel to “allow Hamas to reload” without anything in return. is ridiculous, pointing out that Hamas likes to steal aid and is depriving the Palestinians of aid. It has all the essentials they need to maintain a good quality of life. ”

Mr. Manchin said: [relevant remarks begin around 2:50] “How do we expect Israel or any other country that has been brutally attacked to say, at least give us back our hostages, give us our people back, sit down and maybe we can work something out? Are you going to somehow wipe out Hamas while minimizing harm to innocent civilians? It’s scary that they’re caught in the middle. Please explain what I understand. When countries, civilized countries, go to war for conflict, [are] It’s basically the rules of war and how we use military machinery, military force, to protect our people. When terrorist organizations go to war or conflict, they exploit innocent citizens to protect their war effort. That’s what you’re dealing with and you need to understand that. ”

He continued, “To ask them, without getting anything in return, to back off from Hamas and allow them to reload — and I said, in short, I would be the first to encourage them.” But–we’ve got all the hostages back, let’s sit down.”Get over this and get an Arab.[s] And the Egyptians and the Arab-Islamic countries will basically be entering that part of the world. But requiring them to get nothing in return other than being allowed to stop and reload, and that they are adequately provided with much-needed assistance, from food and supplies to medical care. The goal is to confirm that it is available and to ensure that it can be provided. The people who need it, not the military who are going to get it and use it. Hamas essentially stripped the country of everything it needed to have a quality of life. ”

“Hamas, I should say, has rejected the latest offer,” host Bret Baier said. Mr. Manchin acknowledged that.

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