Handy hidden features on Instagram, X and Facebook

I don’t blame you if one Facebook discussion can set your social media accounts on fire. Before you log out completely, there are some hidden features that can make using your social media account unpleasant. a bit few.

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Stop video autoplay

  • Facebook: Maybe you want to scroll unnoticed while working, or maybe you just prefer the sound of silence. Disable autoplay for the following videos on your desktop: Settings and privacy > setting > movie.On mobile, visit Settings and privacy > setting > Environmental setting > media.
  • X: On your desktop, click . more > Settings and privacy > Accessibility, display and language > Data usage.On mobile, tap your profile picture to find it Settings and privacy.

You can’t stop autoplay on Instagram. This is very unfortunate. Except in the following cases: my video That emerges.

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I love it and please list it

  • X: Organize people into private or public lists without following them. You might create a list of cooking tips or a list of gadget news. easy.
  • Instagram: Sort your saved posts into: collection — just like you do on Pinterest. To create a new collection, bookmark icon below the post + (plus sign). Enter a name like “Recipe” and voila! Tap to view your collection. 3 lines at the top right of your profile It has been saved.

Pin DM

  • Instagram: Pin up to 3 chats to the top of the list for quick access.Just long press on a conversation and select it pin. No more scrolling to find your best friend.
  • messenger: Can be pinned individual Messages in chat. Very useful for remembering shared addresses and recipes.From a chat, touch and hold the message you want to pin, then tap pin. To see the pinned message in the chat, tap . see pin.

Icons for X (then Twitter), Facebook, and WhatsApp appear on your iPhone. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

say “shh”

If you have a friend who posts frequently on Facebook or Instagram, you might want to cut back on their posts. three points Please select one of the posts hide. You’ll see their posts a little less often, but you won’t have to go through the hassle of unfollowing them.You can also choose mute The next screen will display all your friends.

wave and report

Having trouble with Instagram? Don’t throw your phone across the room. Please shake it. This will give you the option to report a technical error. That’s pretty smart.For reference, this it’s not Where to report stalking and abuse. To do this, three points Next to the post or username.

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divide your life

Facebook has finally realized that we are not the same people to our friends, family, and colleagues. You can set up multiple profiles linked to your Facebook account. In the web version, click your profile picture, then click Create a new profile. Please use it for good purposes, not vandalism.

poke is back

Technically, it’s always been around, but Facebook users are rediscovering “poke.” What does that mean? Anything you want from flirting to just being funny.go to your poke page I think it’s to let people know you’re there.

Bonus: If you want to distance yourself, try this

It’s hard to ignore apps that are literally developed to grab your attention. There are settings built into your phone to make it easy. That is, the time limit for the app.

The concept is simple. Set the amount of time you can spend on the app, and if you exceed that amount of time, you’ll be locked out. You can work around the limits, but remember that they were set for a reason in the first place.

instagram logo

The Instagram logo will appear on your smartphone. Instagram allows users to shake their device to report “bugs,” or instances where the app doesn’t work properly. (Rafael Enrique/SOPA Image/LightRocket, Getty Images)

Are you using an iPhone?

Before you begin, enable Screen Time on your device.[設定]in,[スクリーンタイム]Tap.[スクリーンタイムをオンにする]Select[続行]Choose.

Here’s how to set time limits for specific apps:

  • go to setting > Screening time and change direction upon Screening time.
  • Tap App limits > Add limit.
  • Select as many categories as you like or All apps and categories. To select individual apps, tap the category to find the app.
  • Tap Next Then set a time limit.Tap to set the daily time Customize days of the week.
  • Tap addition when finished.

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How to set time limits for Android apps

Digital Wellbeing on Android works similarly. The location of these settings varies by manufacturer, so use these steps as a starting point.

  • Open setting > Digital wellbeing and parental control.
  • Tap. chart.Tap next to the app you want to restrict set timer.
  • Choose how much time you can spend on that app.Then tap set.

In this way, the hassle of scrolling is reduced.


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