Hannity: Biden’s failures and free-falling poll numbers cannot be hidden

Fox News’ Sean Hannity said President Biden’s struggles are becoming increasingly clear on “Hannity.”

Sean Hannity: And while Trump continues to grow rapidly, Joe Biden’s struggles They are only becoming more and more prominent. Well, earlier today, when Air Force He was walking up a small set of stairs rather than the large one leading up to One, he once again appeared to stumble before actually stumbling. Now, despite the apparent struggle, one New York Times publisher says the White House is “very upset” by the paper’s coverage of Biden’s age and unpopularity. Does the Biden White House really expect their willing accomplices, even allies in the media mob? Do they really expect us to ignore the obvious daily struggles of a very weak, frail, and cognitively impaired president? Is that what they expect?

Questions about Biden’s age continue to mount among Democrats, media and comedians after HUR’s report

Now, fortunately for the White House, there is no hiding Biden’s failures and declining poll numbers. A new Monmouth poll shows Biden’s approval ratings are unrelentingly dire, with only 38% of respondents approving of Joe and his job as president. And when you dive into these numbers, things get even worse. Regarding the issue of inflationAs you all know, this is one of the cornerstones of Bidenomics. Well, things have gone completely out of control since he took office. Only 34% of people approve of his work performance. And after more than three years of dealing with the fallout of his open borders policy, it has caused nothing but havoc in every corner of our country. Well, he still criticizes Trump, even though only 26% approve of his performance on immigration. What a joke!

But perhaps most worrying for the Biden campaign, a new poll from my former home state of Deep Blue New York shows Joe trailing Donald Trump by just 12 points. The vote share is below 50%. This is one of the most liberal states in the country. Now, this is a state that Joe Biden won by well over 20 points in 2020, securing over 60% of the vote at the time.So what does this mean? joe biden What happens now as the 2024 election cycle heats up? Well, it’s certainly not good. A Gallup report from last Friday said political and economic indicators were “not encouraging for Biden.” It states the obvious. In fact, the report continues, “As Election Day approached, all presidents with approval ratings above 50% were reelected. All but one president with approval ratings below 50% lost.”


So what was Joe’s approval rating in the last Gallup poll in January? Well, its approval rating was 41%, not even close to 50. So as Biden’s poll numbers continue to plummet, alarm bells ring and they’re pinning their hopes on Democrats. It’s like an alarm going off 24/7. And frankly, it makes sense. And it’s another bad omen for Biden.Well, you have 538 Nate Silver. He wrote a pretty scathing article about the Biden campaign yesterday, saying in part, “He’s losing now and has no plans to fix the problem other than praying the polls are wrong.”



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