Harvard promotes segregated ‘Affinity Celebrations’ for graduates that it insists are not real graduations

Harvard University is pushing for a segregated graduation ceremony, which it insists will not be hosted by the school and will not function as an actual graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was first brought to the attention of journalist Christopher Rufo, who listed the school’s event dates in his article. X page.

Documentation regarding the event is limited and reportedly contains only one public posting at the time of publication.

Harvard University Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging listed A celebration of 10 different affinities in recently unearthed documents.

Day one’s events were categorized into celebrations of people with disabilities, global indigenous peoples, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders/Digi Americans, first generation-low income people, and Jews.

The second day included a celebration of “Latinos,” Lavender, Blacks, Veterans, and Arabs.

Notably, Ruffo’s original report in December 2023 did not include celebrations of white or Jewish people, but instead included celebrations of “LGBTQ+” people.

according to national review According to (documents obtained), lavender festivals replaced the aforementioned sexuality-based festivals. Jewish festivals were also added, but there were still no white celebrations.

Harvard University has carefully labeled the document to indicate that Harvard University is not the official organizer of the event, and the event description does not consider this event to be a commencement ceremony or any type of sanctioned discriminatory event. He avoids any claim that there is a possibility of

The event listing says the gala is a “student-led gathering” hosted by “community partners and alumni” to celebrate “the diverse cultures, communities, and identities that exist at Harvard University.” There is.

He also said the gala is “open to all Harvard alumni who have pre-registered.”

One Note A document accompanying the listing explained that student organizations and campus partners were organizing the event.

“A gala to recognize Arab graduates, a gala to recognize Jewish graduates, and a gala to recognize veteran graduates are being planned in collaboration with student organizations and campus partners.”

of Public event page It explained that the event “occurs in advance of Harvard University and school-based graduation programs” and does not serve as a “commencement or convocation ceremony.” This was also stated in an internal circular.

Still, the university offers registration on its page and says anyone who wants to attend “one or more social events” must fill out a registration form.

However, these events are officially described as a collaboration between the Harvard University Alumni Association, the Dean’s Council, the Graduation Office, and student, staff, and faculty volunteers.

It also included a new and fresh take on the DEI acronym. Harvard University boasts an Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging, abbreviated as OEDIB.

The science department of this university has Center for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. In that sector, vision To “shape and strengthen scientific innovation and learning based on community, inclusion, transparency and partnership”.

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