Hasan vows to cover Trump legal cases differently: ‘We will stop with this charade’

Former MSNBC host Mehdi Hassan vowed Friday that his new company will cover former President Trump’s legal troubles differently than previous media outlets.

“Let’s stop pretending this is a legal story,” Hasan said in an interview Friday night on NewsNation’s “Cuomo.”

“You’ve been working longer than me, like you and I both worked in the cable industry for years,” Hasan told host Chris Cuomo. “There are some great legal analysts and lawyers and prosecutors on the airwaves, and many of them are friends of mine. But I think it’s a mistake to frame this story as a legal story.”

Hasan’s new company, Zeteo, will cater to progressives and seek “answers to the questions that really matter, always pursuing the truth,” according to the company’s Substack website.

He pointed to a recent Supreme Court decision addressing the question of whether former President Trump can be prosecuted criminally for his efforts to overturn the 2020 election, calling it a “political rather than legal issue.” “It’s a great story.”

“This is the Supreme Court, where the conservatives have a supermajority, probably took two seats, and there are three members of the court appointed by the person who is going to decide the case, one of whom is a member of the court whose wife was involved in the coup. “I was involved” in the attempt. ” Hassan said he appeared to be referring to Judge Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginny Thomas, who is facing intense scrutiny for her possible role in the January 6, 2021 riots. .

“It’s a political story,” he added. “These are politicians in robes. They’re not disinterested jurists. So that’s one way I would cover this story in a different way.”

The progressive commentator recently told The Washington Post that he had raised $4 million for his business.

“This year is one of the biggest news years of our lives, and that’s why I wanted to do something like this,” Hasan told the Post. “I’m not a businessman. I’m not an entrepreneur. I’ve never done anything like this before. It’s a big gamble.”

He said Friday that his new venture will allow him to be “his own boss,” a big perk after announcing last year that he was leaving his position at MSNBC. His decision was related to the news outlet’s decision to cancel his late-night opinion talk show last year.

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