Here’s How the Woke Left Captures Corporate America

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How does offering gender reassignment surgery to an employee’s child increase a company’s profits and shareholder returns?

Here’s the question posed by Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlowe 1792 exchange CEO Daniel Cameron said in a recent interview.

Prime Minister Cameron has pointed to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) as an influence behind these types of corporate decisions. Although its name sounds innocuous, the Human Rights Campaign is a hardcore left-wing organization “working to rebuild America with left-wing ideology and ideas,” according to Prime Minister David Cameron. HRC is the world’s largest LBGTQ+ political lobbying organization, receiving millions of dollars in funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

How are human rights campaigns gaining influence?

We evaluate America’s largest companies using the following criteria: Corporate Equality Indexa survey that companies respond to voluntarily. The survey includes questions about “affirming transgender-inclusive health benefits and removing all broad exemptions in plan offerings.” Survey respondents also earn points for “marketing and advertising to LGBTQ consumers.” Remember Dylan Mulvaney of Bud Light fame? Now Anheuser-Busch Inbebe has made millions by partnering with a caricatured transgender person to promote its beer brand. I can see why they would risk alienating Bud Light drinkers. It’s all about earning points through surveys.

Why do companies care about human rights campaign investigations?

It becomes a matter of money.of Corporate Equality Index This is part of the environmental and social governance (ESG) movement, or the so-called “ethical investing” movement promoted by America’s top three investment firms: BlackRock, State Street Bank, and Vanguard. They are among the largest shareholders of our largest publicly traded companies, and many companies are more interested in soliciting investment than worrying about offending consumers (though perhaps Anheuser-Busch InBev may be taking a more cautious view now after losing a reported $1.4 billion in investments (sales due to backlash to transgender influencer marketing programs).

Human Rights Campaign is a toxic work environment for their own employees, so why would they tell other companies how to behave?

Marlowe points out that the now-defunct left-wing news outlet Buzzfeed reported that the Human Rights Campaign was an “incredibly toxic workplace, a discriminatory work environment.” So Marlowe asks, “Who gave these people responsibility?” Why should they be the ones deciding whether a company is ethical or whether a company is operating outside of the norm?”

“Well, let’s be honest, Alex,” Cameron says. “The Human Rights Campaign should not be responsible or have authority over what companies should do with respect to their employees, because as you point out, the environment within the organization is not healthy. He added that the HRC also appears to be turning a blind eye to the latest information on transgender surgeries, as “European countries are curtailing transgender surgeries due to future harms and consequences.” . Companies that don’t want to succumb to HRC pressure need to know that there are ways to push back and bring their business back to neutral and focus on delivering great products rather than getting drawn into divisive social issues. Yes, Cameron explains.

The human rights movement is contradictory. 1792 exchange Put a spotlight on bias reporting.

of 1792 exchange counters this woke ideology using a data-based approach with its “Spotlight Bias Report”:

Corporate bias assessment database – The Left Human Rights Campaign tells companies the more woke they are, the better. 1792 Exchange says the opposite. The more you focus on your business, the better. This database assesses how much risk approximately 3,000 companies are taking by engaging in woke politics. Ratings help companies determine the likelihood of canceling, boycotting, selling, or denying service to a contract or customer based on their views or beliefs. Alert customers and shareholders about what the company is doing.

proxy database – This includes a data table for state authorities showing the proportion of pro-ESG and anti-ESG shareholder proposals supported by pension funds in each state in 2023, according to data from investment managers. . We also provide shareholders with information about controversial shareholder proposals at shareholder meetings so they can prepare.

board bias database – If you’ve ever wondered why companies make certain decisions to delve into political issues, it mostly involves board members or executives of publicly traded companies. This database includes their names, party affiliations, and political contributions. Using this database, it’s easy to see how biased some companies are when it comes to leadership, with strong leftists and little representation of the other side.

The information is as follows: 1792 We help companies return to neutrality and focus on their business. It also helps you decide where to do business as a customer or consumer, and where to invest as a shareholder.

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