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‘He’s Going To F*cking Lose’: Bill Maher Spars With Liberal Journalist Over Biden’s Reelection Chances

Comedian Bill Maher sparred with journalist Kara Swisher about President Joe Biden’s reelection chances Monday on the “Club Random Podcast.”

Swisher suggested that Maher was not focusing on the big picture in his analysis of Biden’s chances of defeating presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, prompting the “Club Random” host to probe Swisher for her reasoning.

“I think the issue with someone like you is that you — the focus on Biden versus the danger of Trump that they’re like, you’re focusing on ‘the scones don’t taste very good’ when the house is burning down. I’m just telling you, you know that. You’re aware of that,” Swisher said.

Maher said “we lose our credibility” by refusing to discuss that “Joe Biden is old,” mocking those who react as if he said something “they’re not going to notice” themselves. However, the “Club Random” host acknowledged that the Democratic incumbent may face difficulty winning reelection.

“I can’t say it enough. I would, I said it many times, I would vote for his head in a jar of blue liquid over Donald Trump. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not — first of all, I don’t think, I think it’s a moot point at this point. He’s gonna fucking lose.”

“Who, Biden?” Swisher asked.

“Yes,” Maher responded.

“No. You’re wrong,” Swisher rebutted. “I’m going to bet you. What should we bet?”

Maher said that he would not bet on the issue because Swisher could “change [his] mind in the next two minutes.” Swisher told Maher that many women “quietly” resent Trump like “the Silent Majority with Nixon.” (RELATED: ‘Take This Hijab And Shove It’: Bill Maher Slams College Students For Ignoring Iran’s ‘War On Women’)

“Biden is the less problematic person who we kind of know how it’s gonna go, and we don’t want chaos again because I, people are sick of chaos,” Swisher said.

Maher told Swisher that her scenario was “absolutely possible.” However, the “Club Random” host suggested that her theory could be flipped and apply to “the shy Trump voter.”

“Oh, I don’t think they’re shy anymore,” Swisher said.

“Again, you’re talking about the people who you see,” Maher corrected. “The shy Trump voter is the one who’s going to vote for Trump but doesn’t want you to know it because it’s a little declasse.”

Trump currently leads Biden in all battleground states, according to polling data from RealClearPolitics. The Democratic incumbent trails Trump in Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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