HuffPost reporter tries to smear Mark Robinson with nasty accusation — but it quickly blows up in her face

Legacy media’s latest attempt to smear North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson (R) has backfired spectacularly.

On Wednesday, HuffPost published an article attempting to paint Republican gubernatorial candidate Robinson as an opponent of women’s suffrage. Specifically, the news organization said a “newly unearthed video” from 2020 shows Robinson arguing against the 19th Amendment, which enshrined women’s right to vote. insisted.

HuffPost particularly highlighted the sentence, “I absolutely want to go back to an America where women couldn’t vote.”

Pretty terrible, right? Not exactly.

robinson spoke at a local meeting Examining the full context of his statement reveals that Robinson was not advocating repeal of the 19th Amendment.

Instead, he was celebrating a time when the Republican Party brought about real social change, including expanding women’s rights and ending Jim Crow oppression.

Here’s the full context:

A few days ago, this stupid guy got on stage with Candace Owens and asked her out. “In order to make America great again, what kind of America are we going back to? A country where women couldn’t vote? Or a country where black people hang from trees?”

If I stood in front of him, I would say that I would absolutely love to go back to an America where women couldn’t vote. Do you know why? Because back then, there were people fighting for real social change. And they are called Republicans and are the reason women can vote today. He talked about a time when black people were hanging out of trees. Who do you think was fighting to end it? To put an end to Jim Crow? It was a Republican.

That’s the America we want back. We want to restore an America ruled by the Republican Party and the principles and true ideals of freedom. That’s the America we want back. That’s why I’m a Republican.

robinson campaign condemned HuffPost called it a “partisan hit” that “smeared Robinson with Democratic wordplay.”

HuffPost did not edit the headline to make clear that Robinson was not advocating repeal of the 19th Amendment. So it’s no wonder why we trust legacy media. Still near record lows.

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