‘I wish Hitler was still here, he would’ve wiped all you out’

A horrifying video shows a vile anti-Israel protester telling Jews mourning the hundreds of Israelis killed on October 7 that the Nazi leader “wish Hitler was still here because he would have wiped you all out.”

The unidentified man’s hateful and violent rhetoric was filmed as a large crowd packed into a Union Square vigil on Monday for those killed at the Nova music festival, where other protesters lit flares and waved banners glorifying the massacre.

A man was recorded on video in Union Square telling a group of Jews that he wished Hitler was “still here.” @luketress/X
Footage of the man’s hateful and violent rant was shared on X. @luketress/X

The 17-second video shared on social media begins with the man asking people off-camera a bizarre question: “Why is everyone out there killing people?”

“I wish Hitler was still here,” he said, firmly but calmly, waving his arms at the audience.

“I wish Hitler was still here. He would have destroyed you all,” he said.

“He would have wiped you all out,” he repeated for emphasis.

The hateful remarks were made at an event commemorating the victims of the Nova massacre. @luketress/X

The shocking footage was uploaded to X by reporter Luke Torres, who said it was taken in Union Square during Monday’s memorial for the victims of October 7.

The event was also attended by counter-demonstrators from the pro-Palestinian group Within Our Lifetime, some of whom carried an ominous banner reading “Long Live October 7th”, according to footage on social media.

Nova Exhibitions later announced that it would extend its opening hours until June 22nd after it had been due to close on Sunday.

The exhibit was unveiled in April to educate New Yorkers about the horrors Hamas has inflicted on Israel, including the Oct. 7 attack on the Nova festival in southern Israel.

“The installation aims to recreate the event dedicated to peace and love that was cruelly interrupted on that fateful day by a Hamas attack from Gaza into Israel,” the website states.

In addition to the murders of hundreds of concertgoers at the festival, a UN envoy concluded in March that there was “sufficient evidence” that Hamas terrorists had committed rape and “sexual torture” during a horrific attack in southern Israel.

Six people were issued citations in connection with Monday night’s unrest, including three for disturbing the peace and three for turnstile jumping, according to the New York Police Department.

Protests against Israel have been ongoing since the Jewish state was attacked by Hamas terrorists last year, killing 1,200 Israelis and launching an Israeli military operation in Gaza.