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Illegal immigrant accused of raping, murdering girl, 12, wore ICE ankle monitor when crime occurred

The suspect in the murder of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nangaray in Houston last week was wearing an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ankle bracelet at the time of the crime.

One of the suspects in the murder, Franklin Jose Peña Ramos, 26, appeared in Harris County Criminal Court on Monday and revealed that he was wearing an ankle monitor at the time he allegedly killed Nungaray.

The ankle bracelet was issued to him when he was arrested by Border Patrol agents after crossing the border illegally and released from custody. ICE told Fox News in a statement on Friday that “he illegally entered the United States on an unknown date and location without being inspected, released on parole or granted admissibility by U.S. immigration officials.”

ICE has also retained counsel for Ramos, the agency said.

Jocelyn Nangaray murder case: Bail set at $10 million for illegal immigrant suspect in Houston girl’s murder

Franklin Jose Peña Ramos (left) and Johan Jose Rangel Martinez are charged with murdering Jocelyn Nungaray on Monday, June 17, in Houston, Texas. (Harris County Jail)

Judge Josh Hill, who presided over Monday’s hearing, also noted that Ramos and the other suspect in the case, 21-year-old Johan Jose Rangel Martinez, face charges that they were trying to raise money to flee town.

During his court appearance, a judge set Ramos’ bail at $10 million, more than double the $5 million sought by prosecutors.

Peña’s defense had suggested bail should be set at $1 million, but the judge argued that his flight risk was “astronomical” and that the chances of him returning to court were “near zero.”

If Ramos is released on bail, the judge ordered him to wear a GPS monitor, be under house arrest 24 hours a day, remain in Harris County, have no contact with other suspects in the victim’s family or anyone under the age of 18, not possess firearms, drugs or alcohol and surrender his passport.

Jose Peña Ramos stands before the judge

Franklin Jose Peña Ramos will appear in court on Monday, June 24. (Crive)

An illegal immigrant suspect in the murder of a Texas girl was recently arrested by the Border Patrol and released into the US.

Ramos and Martinez are accused of luring the girl under a bridge in Houston, tying her up and killing her.

“In this case, the defendant lured a 12-year-old girl under a bridge and, after remaining with her and an accomplice for more than two hours, removed her pants, tied her up, killed her, and threw her body into the bayou,” Harris County Assistant District Attorney Michael Abner wrote.

Jocelyn Nangaray (left) with her birthday cake and musical instruments on the right

This week, 12-year-old Jocelyn Nangaray was found strangled to death in a creek in Houston. (Courtesy of Fox Houston and the Nungarei Family)

Police said investigators were able to use surveillance camera footage to track the pair’s movements before and after the murder.

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Both suspects have been charged with murder, and Martinez is scheduled to make his initial court appearance on Tuesday.