I’m a mom of 6 kids and TikTok ‘married single moms’ I’ve got a message for you

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Ten years ago, when our first son was just born, she spewed projectiles into my MacBook, fatally hitting my only computer. Living on a new meager income, we couldn’t afford to make up for it. Her husband agreed to let me use the MacBook on the promise that I wouldn’t use it near a baby who imitated a water fountain multiple times a day.

Literally the next day my daughter destroyed my husband’s computer the same way she destroyed mine. Her husband wasn’t too keen (that’s an understatement), so I took his computer to a local computer store and had them fix it at best, or at least retrieve the data. A week later I was told that I couldn’t do either and had to come pick it up.

We were sharing a car, so I put the baby in the stroller and walked to the computer repair shop. I was on my way home after storing my computer under the stroller when it started to rain. I forgot my computer under the stroller outside and ran inside with my baby.

If there was any hope that computers could be saved before the monsoon, that hope is now gone.

I loved my wife so much, but on our wedding night I knew it was a mistake.

My husband was a saint, but he was never intimidated, even though he had every right to do so. He just gritted his teeth and said, “I wish I had made a different choice.” And he has moved on, but has never thrown it in my face for the past 10 years. He has never told this story to anyone, much less in public, so as not to embarrass me.

Sometimes in a marriage, a spouse behaves badly. It’s really terrible. And part of being married is enduring the frustration of that behavior in a way that doesn’t destroy the relationship. Sometimes it’s really hard, if you don’t believe me, just ask her husband.

He’s not perfect either. But I won’t be able to listen to his stories of thoughtlessness and wrongdoing. Because I want to stay married to the wonderful man I’m currently with.

Disturbing Gen Z social media trends threaten America’s most important institutions

Recently, a TikTok video by a very different kind of wife went viral. A woman named Hannah, who posts under the handle @healing_saddie, spent her week upstairs with her son and inexplicably decided to isolate after contracting the coronavirus in 2024. (I have my doubts, but it doesn’t matter). When she came downstairs, her kitchen was… not in very good condition.

The video is pinned to her profile and she is proud to do so. spread by abusive language More than 4.5 million people saw what her husband left in the kitchen.

Commenters on the video were furious that her husband had left the kitchen in such a disorganized and rotten state.

Some people argued that Hannah’s experience was an example of a “married single mother,” and the comment garnered hundreds of thousands of likes.

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Hannah made her husband a target for the entire internet, who used her story to claim that modern marriages are not working.

Coincidentally, Hannah highlighted the reason why many modern marriages fail, and it’s not because husbands don’t participate in household chores.

Husband bashing and humiliation has become a whole genre of internet content for modern women. While women demand respect (obviously in the form of cleaning the kitchen), they are also willing to publicly disrespect their husbands and humiliate them for the world. To ridicule and despise.


A woman who claims to want a man to treat her well but doesn’t show the same courtesy in return. A few simple words of advice: You get what you give.

Not every man (or woman) can act perfectly even when paired with a perfect mate. But when someone (and let’s be honest, it’s usually a wife) complains publicly about their spouse, it’s easy to tell that they probably have the spouse they deserve and want. is obvious. They value the legitimacy of internet commenters more than the sanctity, happiness, and longevity of marriage.


I don’t pity women like Hannah, quite the opposite. I feel sorry for their husbands. I shudder to imagine what it’s like to live with someone who has little thought of publicly humiliating the person to whom he has pledged loyalty and devotion.

The next time you see a woman publicly trading her marriage for favor and affirmation at the expense of her husband, silently say a prayer for her husband. he’s going to need it.

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