Indian Navy Saves Another Ship in Mideast Waters as Biden’s ‘Prosperity Guardian’ Languishes

The Indian Navy on Friday thwarted a pirate attack on an Iranian-flagged fishing boat off the coast of Somalia and rescued 11 Iranian and eight Pakistani crew members.

according to statement Attempted piracy incident against fishing boat FV by Indian Navy Omari It was detected by an Indian surveillance drone. Indian patrol boat INS Sharda answered They discovered seven armed pirates holding the crew captive. Omari hostage.

of Sharda Using helicopters and boarding vessels, they were able to “force” the pirates to free the fishing crew unharmed and take back control of the ship.

Indian Navy Spokesperson Vivek Madhwal said: Sharda “I boarded the FV for confirmation.” Omari The mission was to disinfect and confirm the safety of crew members captured by Somali pirates. ”

Indian Defense Minister Ajay Bhatt Said Parliament announced on Friday that it had increased naval and air surveillance in the central Arabian Sea and off Somalia’s east coast to combat piracy.

Bhatt said the Indian Navy was also operating in the Gulf of Aden and the North Arabian Sea to protect commercial ships.

indian warship rescued Two more ships were hijacked within 36 hours this week, one of which was another Iranian fishing boat. Indian Navy press releases often refer to the “disinfection” of recovered ships, but there is some ambiguity about what happened to the Somali pirates.

Seychelles also reported that it had sent its navy to rescue six Sri Lankan fishermen who were captured by armed groups off the coast of Somalia on Sunday.

indian official Said On Wednesday, they said they had monitored 250 commercial vessels over the past two months and investigated at least 17 reports of hijackings, attempted hijackings and suspicious approaches to vessels at sea.

India does not have a large presence in the Red Sea, which is under threat from the Iran-backed Houthi terrorist group in Yemen, but it does patrol waters to its east with at least 10 warships.

India I refused Opportunity to participate in the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian, which counters Houthi attacks on cargo ships and tankers. In mid-January, the Indian Navy rescued a U.S.-owned merchant ship called Genco Picardy This was caused by a Houthi drone attack.

Indian Minister of External Affairs S. Jaishankar Said India announced on Wednesday that it is deploying naval power to demonstrate that it is a “good neighbor” in the region.

While promoting his book on India’s strategic policy, Jaishankar said, “We will not be considered a responsible country when bad things are happening in neighboring countries and we say we have nothing to do with it.” Ta. Why is Bharat important?.

“Bharat” is another name for India derived from Sanskrit, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party government refer to it as “Bharat.” I’m trying I tried to get the rest of the world to use it, but without much success.

said Abhijit Singh, a maritime policy expert at the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation. time On Friday, India announced it was “facing distress in the Red Sea.” The reason for this is that it wants to “protect commercial shipping from attacks by armed groups” but does not want to become embroiled in a large-scale conflict with Iran’s Houthis and their backers.

indian coast guard intervened Planning to launch a commercial ship called MV in December chemistry pluto It was attacked by an Iranian suicide drone off the coast of India.An Indian Coast Guard ship also accompanied them. chemistry pluto The ship called at the port of Mumbai after the attack, and the Indian Navy sent three more guided missile destroyers to the Arabian Sea.

Jaishankar files complaint with Tehran after MV release chemistry pluto “This difficult situation is not in the interest of any party and it must be clearly recognized,” he told the opposition Hossein Amirabdollahian. India is clearly concerned that the Red Sea crisis could spill over into territory it patrols.

“India is reportedly keen to assist the US in countering the Houthi threat, even if New Delhi remains undecided on joining the US-led coalition in the Red Sea,” Singh said. he concluded.



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