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‘It’s a Good Thing’ Trump Was Accountable, But It Needed ‘Novel Legal Theory’

On Friday’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time,” David Axelrod, a senior CNN political commentator and adviser to former President Barack Obama, said he believes “it’s a good thing in this country that if anybody breaks the law, they’re held accountable.” But he acknowledged that while the case against former President Donald Trump, a 2024 Republican presidential candidate, is based on a “novel legal theory,” Trump’s crimes were “clear for all to see.”

After former Republican Rep. Ken Buck said that if you look closely, everyone breaks the law, Axelrod said, “Honestly, you don’t need a giant magnifying glass on this case. … Michael Cohen went to prison for his involvement in the thing that Donald Trump was convicted of yesterday. So I don’t see why it needs a magnifying glass. I thought everyone could see. The question is whether the man who masterminded this will be held accountable, and he has now been held accountable. I think that’s a good thing. I think it’s good for this country that people are held accountable when they break the law, no matter who they are.”

Later, after host Bill Maher questioned both the political and legal validity of the case, Axelrod said:[L]”Oh, no,” he said, calling it a contradiction to say President Joe Biden is “old and incompetent” while hatching a legal conspiracy against Trump.

Axelrod continued, “But I said from the beginning that no one would pick this case. There are four lawsuits, some of them very serious. … I said at the time this case was being considered, if you have to say porn star and novel legal theory in the same sentence, you might want to think about it.”

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