Jason Kelce goes viral for speaking boldly about the importance of loving fathers: ‘The greatest gift a child could ask for’

Philadelphia Eagles lineman Jason Kelce officially retired on Monday, ending his 13-year NFL career. This is definitely big news in the sports world. But what Kelce said about fatherhood goes beyond the sports industry.
Future NFL Hall of Famer Viral.

At his retirement press conference, Kelce looked back on his career from his days as a baseball player to his professional career. Of course this is a story about football, but Kelce weaves another, perhaps even more important theme throughout the story: family.

His older brother, Kansas City Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce – father, mother, and his own wife and three daughters: Kelce explains how each played a key role in his NFL career. He explained what he had done and, more importantly, how his family had been shaped. For him to become who he is today.

“An available, loving, devoted father may be the greatest gift a child can ask for in our society.”

The climax of his speech, which has garnered tens of millions of views on social media, centered on Kelce’s reflections on the important role fathers play in their children’s lives.

“I’m a product of my upbringing,” Kelce said.

“I think one of the best things a person can be in this world is a father. A present, loving, devoted father may be the greatest gift a child could ask for in our society,” he said. explained.

She added that Kelsey’s father, Ed, was a “very nice man” and “believed in me more than anyone.”

“He believed in me and my brother, and every time I had insecurities or self-doubt in myself, he would subdue them with a warm embrace of faith, unwavering love and faith. ,” Kelce said.

Kelce teeth right. Loving and nurturing fathers are critical to the health of children, families, and society itself.

A sports superstar of Kelce’s caliber is using his platform to raise awareness about the importance of fatherhood and how it’s true, rather than sacrificially pouring out of ourselves to build a family. It’s refreshing to see people boldly speaking out against the cultural lie that fulfillment lies within the individual. .

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