Jean-Pierre rips NY Times’ reporting on Biden’s age, mental acuity: ‘Look in the mirror’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Wednesday criticized the New York Times for reporting concerns about President Biden’s age and mental capacity after the Ha report was released earlier this month.

Jean-Pierre told members of the White House press corps on Air Force One that Margaret Sullivan, former public editor of the Times, criticized the paper over the president’s age and suitability for the presidency. He said he agreed with that.

Audio from the gag shows White House officials being asked to weigh in on Sulzberger’s recent claims at the Times that the White House is “extremely upset” about the news organization’s coverage of the president’s age. It was introduced that there is.

In an interview with the Reuters Institute for Journalism this week, Sulzberger said: “We will continue to provide full and fair coverage not only of Donald Trump, but also of President Joe Biden. He is a politically unpopular incumbent and president.” “He’s the oldest person ever to hold this job. We’ve reported extensively on both of these realities, and the White House is very upset about this.”

After the special counsel’s report, Biden lashed out at reporters who asked him about age concerns, saying, “That’s your decision!”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently criticized a New York Times report about President Joe Biden’s age and mental health. (Getty Images)

Mr. Sulzberger’s comments come in the wake of special counsel Robert Hur’s report on the classified presidential documents case, which noted Mr. Biden’s “deteriorating memory” and is part of a series of reviews by the Times of Mr. Biden’s age and mental capacity. It was published after the publication of the report.

The reports included an article in which Times correspondent Michael Shea called Biden’s reaction to Herr’s memory description a “political disaster” and an article in which Biden’s memory was fine. It included an editorial from the newspaper claiming that Biden’s attempts to reassure the public had “failed.”

Those articles and others reportedly upset White House staff, and Jean-Pierre’s answer seemed to reflect that.

The same reporter told Jean-Pierre, “The publisher of the New York Times is talking about coming under fire from the White House for its reporting on the president’s age. I want to talk a little bit about what I think is fair game.” Can I have it?” What’s off-limits when covering America’s oldest president? ”

Jean-Pierre began by briefly talking about Biden’s accomplishments, saying, “You ask me pretty regularly about the age of the president, and we explain what our perspective is. We describe what we see. We’ve seen what this president will do in the last three years, which will change the lives of Americans for generations to come. We will be introducing a historic bill. ”

Media focus on Biden’s age and mental health impacting election chances after damning special counsel report

Joe Biden, Robert Herr split image

New media reports about the president’s mental abilities during his time in office have come to light in the wake of Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report that found President Biden’s “poor memory.” (Reuters/Getty)

The spokesperson later said the administration agrees with Sullivan, who recently slammed the paper for its coverage of Biden’s age.

“So, to be more specific about the New York Times’ reporting, its reporting has shown that journalistic objectivity when it comes to reporting on the president’s age has led former New York Times public editor Margaret Sullivan to ask why we… It tells us what we believe tells us whether we agree with it or not.”

Jean-Pierre then directly quotes Sullivan’s recent article, saying, “And she said, ‘Maybe the Times and other major media outlets should look in the mirror…some self-examination and course correction. is not included in it.” [Big Media’s] Core strengths. And leave it there. ”

in the workTitled “The Media’s Circular Logic and Biden’s Destructive Obsession with Age,” Sullivan quoted one of the Times articles that said: Trump, 77, hasn’t felt the same shock. ”

“You say you’re being stalked by a dog? Who is stalking a dog?” she asked, adding, “Perhaps the Times and other mainstream media should look in the mirror. ” he added.

new york times and joe biden

President Biden slammed the New York Times report. (Reuters/Shannon Stapleton/File Photo | Getty Images)


Sullivan continued, “What about the following memo from New York Times publisher AG Sulzberger to two key people reporting to him, the opinion editor and the top news editor: “Katie. ‘Joe, I’m worried,’ he suggested. “We claim we’ve gone too far in both reporting and commentary on Biden’s age. Let’s keep this issue in better perspective and tone it down.” Believe me, these two sentences of his are big It will make a difference. ”

But, she concluded, “Sadly, self-scrutiny and course correction are not core strengths of major media. Do they circle the wagons and become complacent? They do better that way.”



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