Jeffrey Toobin exposes himself to criticism after calling Justice Thomas a ‘disgrace’

Former CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin said:
appear On liberal networks Tuesday, he blasted U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for daring to question the Biden Justice Department’s unequal application of the law.

Toobin once again exposed himself to criticism of his less-than-stellar public record by calling the highly regarded constitutional law scholar a “disgrace.”


The U.S. Supreme Court held oral arguments Tuesday
Fisher v. United Stateswhich concerns the application of federal obstruction laws against protesters on January 6th.

The law in question, Section 1512(c)(2), makes obstructing or obstructing an official proceeding a felony, punishable by up to 20 years. The law was weaponized by the Biden Justice Department for use against more than 350 demonstrators on January 6th.

CBS News
highlighted The felony charge is one of those facing former President Donald Trump in a 2023 case filed in Washington, D.C., by special counsel Jack Smith.

For more information about America’s future and the Conservative Party’s legal defense and education fund,
Court summary On behalf of the petitioners, the Department of Justice said it had “indicted hundreds of people, including:” [former police officer Joseph W. Fischer]Based on a “strict interpretation” of a vague provision of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and a “fabricated January 6th story,” the crime carries a sentence twice that prescribed by Congress for insurrection. against,” he said.

“If left unaddressed, this strained interpretation is expected to lead to further weaponization of the Department of Justice,” the brief said.

Oral argument

During Tuesday’s oral argument, Jeffrey Green, who represented Fisher, said the law does not apply to actions that are inconvenient and do not affect the evidence, but rather actions that affect the “integrity or availability of evidence.” He pointed out that it was enacted with the aim of dealing with the
report The Hill.

Conservative justices seemed interested in the law’s potential for selective and expansive application, with the Justice Department acknowledging that it functions as a “classic summary.”

Justice Neil Gorsuch asked.
Sit-in to block access to trials and federal courthouses What are your qualifications?Are the hecklers in today’s audience eligible to participate in the State of the Union address? pull the fire alarm Before voting eligibility? And 20 years in federal prison? ”

U.S. Attorney General Elizabeth Prelauger argued on behalf of the government, suggesting the law applies in cases of “meaningful interference” and “minor disruption.”[s]” If partisan prosecutors decide that the case is safe, it will be safe.

Mr. Gorsuch responded with thinly veiled insinuations that New York Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman’s fire alarm setting and the Portland radical sit-in constituted federal felonies.

Preloger hinted that obstruction and disruption of what partisan prosecutors deemed a “mostly peaceful protest” would be exempt.

Judge Thomas also risked the wrath of statisticians and other defenders of government overreach.
highlight uneven application of the law by the Department of Justice;

“There have been a number of violent protests, which have disrupted the proceedings,” Judge Thomas said. “Has the Government applied this provision to other protests in the past and has this been the Government’s position throughout the life of this Act?”

Preloger avoided answering the question directly, prompting Thomas to ask again, “Did you force him to do that?”

“I cannot give an example of enforcing this law in a situation where people violently stormed into a building to prevent a designated formal proceeding,” the attorney general responded.

stones thrown from glass house

Disgusted by Judge Tobin’s posing a fundamental question to the nation, Mr. Toobin criticized the Supreme Court justice online.

He is a frequent guest on CNN and once worked for the network.
I have written Posted by part Of conspiracy. What a shame that he is in charge of this case. ”

Toobin quickly realized that he wasn’t the only critic on the platform.

megyn kelly
answered“Hey Toobin, by the way, you waived your right to use the word ’embarrassed’ about other lawyers when you masturbated with your dick out of your pants in front of your colleagues.”

Mike Davis of the Article III Project, one of many who clearly appreciated Kelly’s response, said:
Said“Has anyone reported this murder yet?”

Similarly, Federalist CEO Sean Davis said:
I got it.“It’s always funny how a man who gets caught meat-slapping during a Zoom call thinks he’s in a position to shame others.”

Toobin worked as a writer for The New Yorker and chief legal analyst for CNN before he exposed himself to colleagues on a Zoom call in October 2020.Someone familiar with this matter
Said CNN reported that Toobin shamefully began masturbating during the call.

Toobin admitted the incident happened, claiming: “I thought no one on the Zoom call could see me. I thought they had muted the Zoom video.”

CNN, which initially sidelined the exhibitionist, appears to have waited until August 2022 to confirm Toobin’s departure from the network.

Various critics cited Toobin’s 2020 incident, while others dug deeper, citing Toobin’s incident.
despicable extramarital affair.

new york post
report The father of two is said to have had an affair with the daughter of a former CNN colleague who is 14 years his junior. After Toobin became pregnant, reportedly She offered Casey Greenfield money if she would have an abortion.

Toobin denied being the baby’s father, but subsequent tests confirmed he was the baby, prompting Greenfield to take Toobin to court for custody and financial support.

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