Jennifer Dulos case goes to trial, Casey Anthony’s parents take polygraph

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“The most hated woman”: Missing woman declared dead in Connecticut interrogation video Only living suspects emerge.

bad medicine: Mayo Clinic rocked by murder after married coworker cheats on woman open relationship.

a new start: Nashville husband indicted Wife murder case on New Year's Day Apparently, he started a conspiracy after receiving a request for disclosure a few weeks ago.

monster catch: So-called Virginia fisherman. “Colonial Parkway Murders” It plagued one community for years.

Alan W. Wilmer Sr. was born in Virginia in 1987 to David Knobling (age 20) and Robin M. Edwards (age 14), and in 1989 to Teresa Lynn Spaugh Howell (age 29). He was involved in a murder case in the state. ( )

Plot thickness: murdered husband children's book author A newly unsealed warrant says drugs were in his wife's system at the time of her death.

The secret of polygamy: The daughter of a notorious cult leader escapes and tells her story.

strange incident: Ukrainian orphan Natalia Grace denies plotting to pose as a child and murder her American adoptive parents.

Kristen Barnett wearing a bright blue sweater and sitting on the sidewalk with her children

Christine Barnett and her husband claimed that Natalia was menstruating and was exhibiting strange antisocial behavior. (Disclosure of evidence in investigation)

lie detector test:Casey Anthony's parents are Polygraph on national television.

Next door neighbor: California family of four found murdered, police saycomplex puzzle. ”



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