John Leguizamo on Trump’s Latino support: ‘He doesn’t like us, and he doesn’t want us here’

Actor John Leguizamo spoke on “The Daily Show” on Tuesday, responding to a New York Times/Siena poll that found former President Trump leading President Biden among Latino voters, saying that the Spanish He obliterated a small horse piñata while reciting an exhaustive catalog of profanity.

Among Hispanic respondents to the poll, 46% said they would vote for Trump if the election were held today, while 40% said they would vote for Biden.

“You may be wondering how that is possible. Donald Trump “build a wall”? Donald Trump “mass deportation”? “Who thinks Daddy Yankee is the baseball player Donald Trump?” asked Leguizamo.after hitting the piñata.

“But the truth is that in 2024, Latino voters are thinking about other things,” he added, attacking reports that Latino voters prioritize inflation.

That priority is reflected in the Times/Siena poll, where 93% of Hispanic respondents evaluate current food and consumer goods prices negatively.

And polls so far and in the current election cycle show that Latino voters prioritize the economy over other issues, with many voters giving a little more weight to certain issues favoring President Trump, such as border control. It has been consistently shown that efforts are being made in each area.

For Leguizamo, renewed support for Trump by Latinos is unacceptable, inflation or not.

“Well, we have something to trust here. No matter what President Trump says about inflation, he doesn’t like us and he doesn’t want us to be here.”

Leguizamo then slammed President Trump. Comments at fundraising activities Earlier this month, he said he wanted to allow immigration from “nice countries like Denmark and Switzerland.”

“Donald, stop beating around the bush. We want kind people, Swiss people, ski instructors, Wes Anderson fans. Just say ‘white people,'” Leguizamo said. Ta.

The Times-Siena poll supports Leguizamo’s criticism of Latinos supporting Trump, but the numbers are an outlier compared to detailed surveys of Hispanic voters.

Accurately polling the Hispanic community has historically been a headache for pollsters. Reaching isolated voters in rural areas, conducting bilingual polls, and maintaining ways for Latinos to communicate are expensive.

The Times/Siena poll was conducted in English and Spanish, but only 3 percent of interviews with Hispanics were conducted in Spanish.

Nationally, about 24 percent of Latinos prefer to receive news in Spanish, and 21 percent actually receive news in Spanish. According to Pew Research Center.

And the sample of Hispanic voters in the February poll was small, with 154 Hispanics responding to the question of whether they would prefer to vote for Trump or Biden.

Unidos US The survey of 3,037 Hispanic voters nationwide, conducted in November, found that Mr. Biden leads Mr. Trump 51% to 33% in the head-to-head race.

However, the poll revealed that support for Trump has increased slightly. Fifty-four percent of those same respondents said they supported Biden in 2020, compared to 28% for Trump.

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