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Joy Behar Mocked Hard After Claiming Trump Will Cancel ‘The View’ if Elected

Joy Behar saw a surge in online trolls after she shared her fantasy that President Trump would cancel her ABC show. scenery If elected in November.

As reported by Breitbart News, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow stoked conspiratorial fears during an appearance on The View this week, saying “no one will be safe” if Trump wins, and Joy Behar went a step further, suggesting that Trump might even try to win. scenery cancel.

“Some people will think this is an exaggeration, and I agree. He is very vengeful and will go after him by any means necessary, possibly through the IRS or perhaps through sponsors, to get us and you off the air. How seriously should we take that?” Behar questioned.

“So they asked me if I was worried about myself, and my answer was, I’m worried about all of us. I’m not just worried about myself, I’m worried about everyone across the country,” Maddow replied.

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People on social media capitalized on Behar’s paranoid mindset, playfully sticking out their tongues to poke fun at her further.

“Until now, I was going to vote for Donald. Trump For the third time, I cannot in good conscience support someone who would cancel The View, a show long known for the overwhelming intellect of its esteemed panelists like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Brown. “Behar,” one user said.

“LOL, what a bargain!” another user commented.

“I already voted for him! No need for any more persuasion!” said another.

“It could be 46 to 48 states that are at stake,” Scott Jennings said.

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