The World At Our Feet’ Praised as a ‘Powerful Display of Queer Joy’

In line with Disney’s commitment to creating as much content that celebrates its LGBTQIA2S+ identity as possible, the entertainment giant has posted an exclusive series about lesbians playing for Australia’s women’s national football team. Matildas: The world underfoot. This six-episode series follows the lives of three members of the team on and off the soccer […]

‘Pure Authoritarianism’: Joy Reid Slams DeSantis Campaign Rollout As A ‘Hot Mess’

On Thursday’s episode of “The Readout,” MSNBC host Joy Reed tasked presidential candidate and Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis with a difficult election run. DeSantis launched his presidential campaign in the Twitter space alongside Twitter CEO Elon Musk and tech entrepreneur David Sachs. The much-anticipated launch of the campaign was riddled with technical bugs, causing […]

Joy Reid Claims Republicans In ‘Former Slave States’ Are Acting ‘Very Taliban-Esque’

MSNBC’s Joy Reed on Wednesday compared right-wingers to the Taliban when discussing abortion. From the North Carolina state capitol, Reed played a video of demonstrators blaming Republicans for overriding the governor’s veto and passing the bill. 12-week abortion ban. “The scene where the women are crying and yelling ‘shame on you’ and the man banging […]

Joy Reid GOP – TheBlaze

Joy Reid has just invented a new term for red state women that is offensive to say the least. She called them “womb slaves” on MSNBC. Law vs Wade. Reed was discussing the “bubble” in which Republicans exist when she coined the term. “You think this is proof that the bubble is dangerous, right? It […]