Joy Reid ROASTED for finally dumping her ‘Trump haircut’

Fearless’ Jason Whitlock recently made an interesting observation about Joy Reid, and it seems the MSNBC anchor has noticed. Whitlock pointed out that while Reid and Jemele Hill constantly criticize white women, most recently WNBA star Kaitlyn Clark, they also seem to put in a lot of effort to look like white women. While Hill […]

‘The View’s’ Joy Behar & MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Trump

With Biden struggling in the polls, the left is starting to panic, and Rachel Maddow and Joy Behar couldn’t make that more clear. “So you said recently that as an outspoken critic, you could be a target yourself. Some people think that’s an exaggeration, but I agree,” Behar told Maddow on “The View.” “I think […]

Joy Behar Suggests Religious People Who Vote For Trump Are Not Actually Christian

“The View” co-host Joy Behar suggested Thursday that people who vote for former President Donald Trump are not true Christians. The co-hosts raged over the passage of legislation in Louisiana to require the display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms. Behar said the commandments should be hung up in Mar-a-Lago next to a […]

Joy Behar Mocked Hard After Claiming Trump Will Cancel ‘The View’ if Elected

Joy Behar saw a surge in online trolls after she shared her fantasy that President Trump would cancel her ABC show. scenery If elected in November. As reported by Breitbart News, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow stoked conspiratorial fears during an appearance on The View this week, saying “no one will be safe” if Trump wins, and […]

Joy Reid: ‘Most great players black, most stars white’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid and fellow racist Jemele Hill (who Jason Whitlock calls “two delusional black queens”) recently made comments about WNBA rookie star Kaitlyn Clark. Of course, these comments were, as they have consistently maintained, bigoted towards others. “Someone wise told me recently that the problem with women’s basketball is that most of the best […]

Joy Reid says Alito is a 'Fox host on the court' amid ethics controversy

MSNBC host Joy Reid on Monday criticized Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who has faced multiple ethics controversies over potential bias and political affiliation, slamming the judge as an obvious conservative. “We know that Justice Alito is essentially the Fox anchor of the court,” Reid said of the judge, adding that the justice makes little […]

Joy Reid says GOP governors have made immigration worse by sending illegal immigrants ‘all over the country like the old segregationists’

MSNBC host Joy Reid made the bold comparison that Republican governors, aligned with racist politicians, have made the border crisis worse by sending processed and released migrants to other parts of the country. Reid’s comments came after President Joe Biden released executive orders designed to give the appearance of working to secure the southern border, […]