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Joy Reid: ‘Most great players black, most stars white’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid and fellow racist Jemele Hill (who Jason Whitlock calls “two delusional black queens”) recently made comments about WNBA rookie star Kaitlyn Clark.

Of course, these comments were, as they have consistently maintained, bigoted towards others.

“Someone wise told me recently that the problem with women’s basketball is that most of the best players are black, but most of the stars are white,” Reid told Hill. “And like you said, if there were charter flights, Brittney Griner wouldn’t have ended up in a concentration camp, right?”

Whitlock is not a fan.

He noted that not only did Reid absurdly blame Griner’s arrest on the WNBA’s lack of charter flights, but that both Reid and Hill are “desperately trying to appear like white women.”

“Why bring this up? When we talk about prejudice against business, that prejudice and hostility [the fact that] “These women hate themselves and hate that they’re not white women,” Whitlock says. “Why else would they put these cheap horsehair wigs on their heads to look like white women?”

“They’re filled with jealousy and anger towards white women. The guy who appears on TV every day wearing a ridiculous wig tells you everything you need to know about their views on white women,” he added.

Reid then commented on Caitlin Clark’s “marketability.”

“Like you said, this league is predominantly black women. It’s also predominantly LGBTQ. She’s a white heterosexual woman. So she seems like a marketing opportunity to me if I want to get white dads to spend money and buy season tickets. To what extent is that?” Reid asks Hill.

“I don’t know why it’s controversial,” Hill responded, noting that while Clark is talented, “it helps that she’s white, straight and from Iowa.”

“So it’s not an insult to Caitlin Clark to say that the fact that she’s white and straight contributes to her popularity. It’s just an American thing,” she added.

Whitlock also discusses Clarke’s market value due to her skin color, but finds it interesting that both Hill and Reed changed their appearance to appear whiter, and both significantly lightened their hair to appear blonde.

“Two black women dressed as white women to sell on TV. This is simply a fact,” Whitlock said.

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