Justin Fields next team odds: Falcons emerge as favorites

The dots are starting to connect quarterback Justin Fields and the Atlanta Falcons.

Due to some movement in the odds market for the next team, the Falcons will be the -130 favorites on DraftKings to beat the +350 Steelers and aim for the title over Ohio State.

Fields, who appeared to unfollow the Bears on social media, now followed Falcons playmakers Drake Rondon, Kyle Pitts and Bijan Robinson.

Atlanta appears to be his preferred destination in a potential deal, but there are also rumors that the Bears could retain both Fields and projected No. 1 pick Caleb Williams.

A huge swing in odds once made Pittsburgh the favorite to be Fields’ home, opening at -125 when ESPN’s Adam Schefter hinted that coach Mike Tomlin was a “huge fan” of Fields. did.

Despite reports that the Bears could field Fields and Williams on the same team, the safer bet is that Fields will play his football elsewhere in 2024.

The Bears had high hopes for Fields, but Williams, the USC quarterback, is being touted by some as the generational guy who might finally solve the franchise’s long-standing quarterback problems. .

Justin Fields next team odds

team odds
atlanta falcons -130
pittsburgh steelers +350
new england patriots +700
chicago bears +750
denver broncos 10/1
commander of washington 12/1
las vegas raiders 12/1
tampa bay buccaneers 35/1
seattle seahawks 35/1
pittsburgh steelers 50/1
Odds by DraftKings

As with all upcoming team odds, much of this market operates on rumor and hearsay, with social media conversations being the biggest sticking point for potential bettors.

And since the odds for the next team are usually less than four digits for the max win, no one is going to get rich on this.

If you’re hoping for big money to flow into the market like this, even if sports betting continues to grow, as information-based markets can be a potential breeding ground for inside information. , perhaps it will never happen.

Fields could be joined by new teammates in Drake Rondon and Kyle Pitts. Getty Images

Do you want to bet on the NFL?

The exception to this rule is NFL draft betting, where limits are usually much higher and the market is much more liquid.

Williams’ odds of being selected No. 1 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft are -1200 (implied 92.31 percent).



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