Justin Trudeau whine about loss of faith in mainstream media

It’s no surprise that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is upset that people are losing trust in mainstream media. Because it means he is losing control over his story and, by extension, his people.

Dave Rubin plays a clip of Trudeau explaining his fears.

“There are deliberate attempts to undermine the mainstream media. There are conspiracy theorists… [and] “Social media promoters are doing everything they can to keep people in their own little filter bubbles and prevent people from actually agreeing on a common set of facts.” he whined. “CBC and CTV… and Global were at least projecting a common understanding of things across the country.”

Translation: “I am now angry not only at the government’s media outlets, but at their diminished ability to exercise thought control and social conditioning.”

“We get an exploding clown and I’m allowed to punch it sometimes,” says Dave. “It’s because he’s the one who punches the clown.”

“What he’s saying is, ‘Well, in Canada, when everyone was getting their news from the CBC, which was a government-run news organization, we could agree on a set of facts.'” Dave explained and added.He had imprisoned a truck driver who was protesting against him. [and] They imprisoned priests and closed churches. ”

“[Trudeau], Joe Biden, Jon Stewart, all these people… have figured out how to kind of control everyone. They are slowly leaking all the information so that no one can catch up to the truth. And every time someone says something that “goes against the narrative,” like, “I’m a little worried about the vaccine,” or “This Russian collusion case seems suspicious,” I say, “That’s a bit weird,” and then I immediately say, “Conspiracy.” They are labeled as “opinionists” or “mean right-wingers.” ”

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