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Kamala Harris suggests Supreme Court threatens ‘fundamental freedoms,’ but doesn’t want to be ‘alarmist’

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Vice President Kamala Harris warned the court’s conservative justices in a recent interview, arguing that the Supreme Court threatens “the full range of fundamental liberties.”

“This court has shown itself to be an activist court,” Harris said. told the New York Times In an interview published Thursday. The vice president was reluctant to elaborate on what specific precedents could be blocked by the court, fearing he would sound “alarmist.”

Harris has made abortion a focus of her campaign after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022.

“This court has made it very clear that it intends to revoke the rights granted,” Harris continued.

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks at a campaign rally in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Friday, February 2, 2024. (AP Photo/Meg Kinard) (AP Photo/Meg Kinard)

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The Vice President pointed to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ opinion in Dobbs, which overturned Roe. In a concurring opinion, he suggested the court reconsider its past rulings on contraception and same-sex marriage.

“You can also see Clarence Thomas saying a lot of the quiet parts out loud,” she said. “If you look at what he says, that might be a clue. Let’s look at one of the justices and see where they go next.”

Harris criticized Republican candidate Donald Trump, saying Trump could sign a nationwide abortion ban if he wins. President Trump has expressed the idea that abortion issues should be left to each state.

When asked if she was concerned about President Trump’s recent stance on abortion, Harris said Americans would see right through him.

Donald Trump speaks to media as he leaves court during trial

Former President Donald Trump speaks to the media after leaving the court during his trial on charges of concealing hush money payments in Manhattan Criminal Court in New York City, April 22, 2024. (Brendan McDiarmid Pool/Getty Images)

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“I think Americans recognize that they are gaslit and have the ability to look beyond the pretense and decipher it.”,” she said.

The vice president also criticized the court in a recent interview with talk show host Drew Barrymore.

She said the Supreme Court justices had “robbed American women of their constitutional rights.”

supreme court

Supreme Court, February 28, 2024, in Washington. (AP Photo/Jacqueline Martin, File)


“Those are the kinds of people. Think about the idea that someone sitting in some state legislature generally believes that they are in a better position to know what’s in their best interest.” she added. “She doesn’t have to give up her faith or her deeply held beliefs to agree that the government shouldn’t tell her what to do with her body.”